Managing and Scheduling House Cleaning Services With EPon Pro

Managing and scheduling your cleaning services is easier than ever before with ePon Pro. You can schedule your cleaning services from your mobile device, and you can even manage them while on the go! Here are three ways to get started:

Schedule and manage your cleaning services

ePon Pro allows you to schedule and manage your house cleaning services from your mobile device. It also helps you automate your workflow by tracking employee clock-in and clock-out times and recording their location. Once you’ve established a schedule, you can assign employees to different jobs and set recurring shifts to keep track of their availability. You can even send out invoices directly from the app.


The price of house cleaning services depends on many factors. Many services charge by the square footage of the house, and some charge more for certain rooms. Others offer extras, such as organizing appliances or touching up walls. This guide details the factors that should affect your pricing. Once you’ve selected the type of cleaning you’d like, choose a package and start comparing prices. ePon Pro – House Cleaning Services pricing: The best value for money!

There are many ways to set your prices, including by leveraging advertising. A targeted ad campaign can reach a target demographic or zip code, and tracking your return on investment can help you decide which pricing structure is best for you. Or, you can use a house cleaning pricing guide to help brighten up your living spaces! However, remember to be fair! You’ll want to offer a service that’s affordable for both the customer and the business.

Individual cleaners typically charge lower prices than companies. A typical three-bedroom home with two bathrooms costs about $140 to $190. Individual cleaners charge between $0.07 and $0.10 per square foot, and a basic house cleaning can cost as little as $60 to $100. However, you’ll need to determine how thorough you need your home cleaned and how often you’d like them to come in. For example, if you need to clean the entire house, you’ll need more than one cleaner.

ePon Pro makes it easy

If you are looking for a program that makes it simple to schedule and manage your house cleaning services, ePon Pro is the perfect solution for your needs. The app’s jobber dashboard allows you to keep track of all your cleaners’ schedules in real-time. You can easily copy past schedules, create templates, and even set recurring shifts. It also provides the ability to manage customer details, time sheets, and client details.

ePon Pro has built-in scheduling that allows you to keep track of invoices and their status. The app includes a planning board with drag-and-drop functionality and templates for each job. You can also use the mobile app to keep track of your house cleaning services. And, if you are not comfortable with using the computer to manage your house cleaning services, you can even upload a paper checklist that lets your staff view it on the go.

In Last:

ePon Pro also provides an easy-to-use app that connects you with a community of house cleaners. You can schedule appointments through the app, make payments, and even tip the cleaners. While ePon Pro is the cheapest of these programs, it is worth checking out for a free trial to see if you like it. If you’re a busy person and need to schedule a house cleaning service but don’t want to spend a lot of time on the process, try Extra cleaning. It’s a free app that gives you tips on how to live a hassle-free life.

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