Low-cost Ways to Rescue Your Yard Before Summer

During summer, we look forward to longer and hotter days filled with warmth and sunshine. These changes will have negative impacts on your yard like patchy grass and trees shedding leaves. This calls for a change in habits on how you care for your yard. Follow these 5 ways to rescue your yard

Trim bushes

Trimming bushes comes along with a wide range of benefits: it promotes plant health, eliminates the need to clean the yard, reduces animal and pest infestation, and also decreases the time you would spend on your daily tasks. Dead and dry branches are removed promoting the growth of new branches. Cut branches that rub each other to avoid wearing the bark.  For cane-type bushes prune one-third of the canes starting with the oldest to control bush height. Evergreen bushes should be trimmed lightly because they form a permanent framework of branches.

 Gently power wash stepping stones, patio steps, and sidewalks

Cleaning stepping stones and sidewalks minimizes chances of repair from bird droppings which are acidic.  Algae, mold growth, and dirt build-up can cause more trouble. Power washing makes the environment friendly for your family by eliminating harmful substances which impact your health negatively such as allergies.

Rake leaves on the lawn.

Trees shed leaves making your Lawn Care Services In Bellingham WA dirty but, how do you rake the leaves:

  1. Use a quality rake with a wide end. This will help you rake as many leaves as possible.
  2. Position your body properly, your knees should be slightly bent.
  3. Collect the leaves making several heaps.
  4. Pick the heaps and transport them into a dumpster.

Raking leaves during summer is done regularly. This amounts to a large heap of leaves. Consequently, you should get a dumpster. Elgin dumpster rental company provides dumpsters in different sizes for hire that will save you the stress of disposing of your trash.

Mulch all garden areas

Mulching reduces watering time, weeds, and pest infestations. You may choose between organic and inorganic mulching. Organic mulching uses natural products like grass leaves and grass. Inorganic mulching uses black plastic mulch.

 Seed the grass to fill in dirt spots

Determine the cause of dirt spots either fungi or bugs. Using a shovel excavate the area around the dead turf. Fill the area with clean topsoil. Smoothen and flatten the area until there are no big clumps. Cast and rake the seeds into the topsoil. Mulch the area to protect the seeds from birds.

Does mowing frequently thicken grass?

Mowing frequently facilitates your grass to grow thicker due to hormones at the tip of each blade that suppress horizontal growth.

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How do I dispose my yard waste?

Skip bin hire Sydney or dumpster hire an easy and simple method to dispose of your waste.

Can power wash damage concrete?

Pitting and general surface degeneration are forms of surface damage caused by power wash.

Taking care of your yard during summer saves you the risk of planting new plants, this is due to the increase in warmth and sunshine.  Having a well-kept yard will keep your loved ones safe. Be sure to hire a skip bin if you’re clearing out a lot of green waste.

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