Litecoin vs Ethereum: Which One to Invest In?

The late 2020 rally has brought Bitcoin to a string of all-time highs. However, the situation with altcoins is different. Most of the alternative cryptocurrencies have not even come close to their historical highs. Growth on the crypto market goes from top to bottom, which is why we can expect that after Bitcoin sets new highs, the growth will spread to altcoins.

Variant to invest in

At the moment, the situation is quite unique in that investments in alts can be:

ü short speculative, since growth after the Bitcoin jump has not yet occurred;

ü long, given the fact that alts are far from historical highs.

Christmas holidays brought retail demand to the market, which so far has affected mainly bitcoin, but in early January, even if BTC corrected after such an impressive impulse, investors will pay more attention to altcoins. Ether (ETH) has fundamentally very strong prospects, since here we are talking not only about growth following Bitcoin, but also its own reasons for moving up. ETH is currently trading around $ 700, but its all-time high was $ 1400. It is worth paying attention to the bitcoin forks, to the “little brother” – Litecoin (LTC).

Litecoin is currently one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies, thanks in part to the release of Lite Bringer. Some traders expect it to surpass its all-time high next year. It is important to know that cryptocurrency is always a risky investment with no guarantee of return due to its incredible volatility.

Differences in the marketing policy of Litecoin and Ethereum

Ethereum, one might say, “rose” on the scandals. The reason for this should be the young age of developers striving to quickly annex the altcoin ecosystem. There were some complications along the way. Ether is a system and cryptocurrency made popular in part by the phenomenon of The Dao’s decentralized autonomous organizations.

Decentralized collective financing of intra-system development using smart contracts is undoubtedly a progressive institution and, most likely, it will find widespread use in the near future. But it all started with a scandal on June 17, 2016, when, thanks to an error in the system code, a hacker stole more than 3.6 million Ether coins. The leakage of funds was stopped by changing the program code, which led to the emergence of the Ethereum Classic hard fork and the bifurcation of the blockchain. Since then, changes in software algorithms have become a common standard for the development team, but so far they have not provoked the emergence of new altcoins. Although the events described above did not negatively affect the image of Ethereum and, coupled with an increase in capital investments in numerous ICO campaigns, provided an impressive growth in quotes in the past year.

If you are new to the world of Cryptocurrency then you will want to know how to buy ethereum online. There are many factors that you need to consider when buying any currency, especially one as important as thorium. Before you start learning how to buy ethereum onlineyou will need to learn a bit about the technology behind it, which can be hard to grasp if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of what goes behind the development of the digital asset.

Which is better?

Litecoin’s development strategy partly answers the question: which is better – Ethereum to Litecoin? The marketing policy followed by the developers is aimed at developing a narrow segment. They made microtransactions a priority from the very beginning. Charles Lee’s team is open to innovation, but adheres to the utmost conservatism when integrating innovations. Thanks to the implementation of the SegWit algorithm, they prepared a springboard for the rapid advancement of the atomic swap institution, which will allow trading various assets without intermediaries on decentralized exchanges, making altcoins fungible.

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