Let’s Understand the Concepts of System and Application Software

A computer is a smart machine, but software makes it so. Without software, computers, tablets, phones are useless pieces of iron. This is why technology and the work of programmers are so important. And now we will delve into the basics of computer operation and consider what system and application software is. And to make it easier for you to understand these categories, we will give examples of specific software. Application Development company in Hyderabad.

System and application software concepts

These concepts are in fact the basis for the operation of any computer. Simply put, then you can give the following description:

  1. System programs are installed on the computer, are responsible for its launch and operation. And most importantly, they are the basis for installing and running application programs. A well-known example of system software is Windows.
  2. Application programs. The purpose of their creation is to satisfy the needs of the user. They allow you to type text on your computer, draw, count, listen to music, watch videos, and so on.

System software in examples

You don’t have to be a programmer to understand or at least have a concept and know examples of system programs. You probably know them, use them, but just did not think about what it is and what it is for.

  • Windows OS. This is the first system on the basis of which computers, laptops work. Approximately 90% of PC owners in the world prefer this software.
  • Mac is the second most popular operating system. Works fast, supports most applications.
  • Chrome is a program through which you can access the Internet.
  • Android – system software for mobile devices.
  • iOS – the second most popular system, works mainly on iPad and iPhones.
  • Translators of programming languages. The language translator is also an example of computer system support.
  • PC hardware drivers. Considered system software. It is necessary for the PC to recognize various external hardware devices (printer, scanner, microphone, and so on).
  • Utilities are also classified as system software. Antivirus software is a striking example of such a program. It diagnoses the PC for virus attacks, prevents them, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of the computer’s operating system.

Application examples

Next, we will consider examples of application programs. All of them are difficult even to list. We will go through the most requested ones:

  1. Microsoft Word – application software that allows you to create documents, write, edit text.
  2. Google Chrome is a program for working on the Internet.
  3. Skype, WhatsApp. – Common messengers. It is a popular communication tool.
  4. Windows Media is a program through which video and audio files are opened.
  5. VLC is also an application program, a popular video player. Allows you to open various types of multimedia files.
  6. Photoshop is an application designed to edit images.
  7. Netflix – used to watch movies.
  8. iTunes is a program with which it is easy and convenient to listen to music and podcasts.

Comparison of both systems

Before considering examples of software of the above two types, for a better understanding, we will give a summary of their differences. Information is presented in the table.

System software Application software
1. Computer – that’s what you need to focus on when installing such programs.

2. System programs can work without application programs.

3. Runs when the computer is turned on. Closing programs is done in the same way.

4. The software installation is complicated, therefore it is done by the manufacturer.

5. The software is written in a low-level programming language.

1. The user and the solution of his problems is the main goal of applied programming.

2. This type of software is installed and launched if there is certain system hardware on the computer.

3. When the computer is turned on, the PC application programs do not have to be running. They are included if necessary.

4. Application programs can be installed and configured by a general PC user.

5. Application programs are more complex and are written using high-level programming languages.



This information should have helped you understand concepts such as application and system software. We tried to explain their differences in an accessible way and gave examples of the most popular programs. Moreover, we are just sure that, when reading this material, you are using one of them. Isn’t it? )

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