Lets Talk About Glass Weed Pipes

Weed pipe, or commonly known as hand pipes, glass pipes have been an essential part of human life ever since they learned how to tackle the fire. Studies showed that they’ve been in use since 2000 B.C. Initially, materials like wood or clay were preferred to manufacture weed pipes, and the herbs just needed to get combusted and produce the smoke out of the pipe. However, these materials also added their flavor to that of the weed, making it comfortable for some, but others lookout for something with purity, i.e., the original taste of the herb.

For this purpose, glass was taken into account for the materials used to create weed pipes. It eliminates the paper used to roll the herb and provides its pure flavor with 2023 weed pipes shopping guide. Scientific production of glass started back in 1500 B.C., and since then, it has been used for designing purposes. However, beyond the designing constraint, it is also helpful in many other ways. Some of these pros are as follows:

  • The glass’s first and foremost advantage is that it doesn’t allow bacteria to reside due to its non-porous nature. The reason it is also referred to as “Germaphobe.”
  • It also constricts the production of toxins previously generated due to the combustion of the herbs using materials like wood or clay.
  • None other than the flavor of weed is added to the smoke.
  • Glass makes the cleaning process of a hand pipe much more accessible than those constructed using other materials.
  • It can last for an infinite period until adequately taken care of.

Scientific v/s Artisan glass: 

Glass pipes are initially classified based on the glass being used and the design. The first type includes the one using scientific glass, which focuses more on the quality standards of the glass. These standards have the consistency, functionality, precision, and strength to stand high temperatures. They are usually kept simple in style, just like the beaker or test tube in the chemistry lab, as they do not focus mainly on the design but the function.

However, the other type includes those using artisan glass that focuses mainly on the design and representation of the pipe. Several colors are added to produce appealing shapes and techniques to make it funky and more attractive to the user. For this purpose, a slightly softer glass is used to be molded easily to the demanded structure. The requirement of the development of hand pipes keeping fascinating designs the main priority makes it a little more expensive than that of scientific glass pipes.

People at the initial stage of smoking are advised to use the ones manufactured using scientific glass as they are much cheaper than the other ones. Also, if it accidentally breaks, it will cost only a few dollars resulting in a small amount of loss and handy for traveling purposes. After getting hands-on experience with glass pipes, one may upgrade the scientific one to the artisan one according to the preferences. Some have an urge to build a collection of hand pipes; it is recommended to go for artisan glass pipes as they provide several shapes and designs that can be adjusted according to the theme (if any). The chance of breaking is also reduced to zero since the primary purpose is to either decorate or store it in the collection.

Types of glass pipes:

Moving towards the other basic types of glass pipes that include the following:

  • A basic cigarette-like hand pipe, commonly known as Glass Chillum, is the simplest of all types. Herbs are added at one end, and the other end is used to smoke them. Due to its smaller size, it becomes easier to carry it around but, on the downside, gives smaller strikes of the smoke as it can adjust only a limited amount of herbs.
  • An upgraded version of Chillum is a Spoon hand pipe that is similar to the structure of a chillum, except having a bowl at the end where the herbs are added. The carburetor is an essential part of it that aids in filtering the smoke.
  • Sherlock pipes form another category of hand pipes manufactured, keeping their stem longer than the standard glass pipes. Bowl is used to introduce the product being used into the device, whereas the carburetor may or may not be present in it. It is named after the fictional character Sherlock Holmes.
  • Bubblers, as the name suggests, form bubbles to produce smoke. It is a fusion of a bong and a glass pipe. To filter smoke, water, or sometimes ice, depending upon the preferred flavor, makes it smoother for the user.
  • Among the most complicated ones counts the Steam roller. It rolls the smoke to cool it further using a separately allotted chamber. It generates powerful hits and is undoubtedly not recommended for beginners. Prices of these are also comparatively high.

Among all of the above, spoon pipes are the most used ones. Due to adversity in their designs and handy size, many prioritize them. Carburetor, the filtering tool, adds up in its pros. In addition, the convenient cleaning process due to the usage of glass makes it easier for the user to clean it using Ziploc plastic bag, alcohol, and salt. Spoon pipes come in variety depending upon the design and size. The price range also varies for each type, such as firefly-glow-in-the-dark spoon pipes are pretty cheaper than fumed spoons and the one that uses double-layer fume.

In conclusion, choosing a good quality glass over one with a fascinating design is preferred for beginners. Moreover, to make the hand pipes, long-lasting certain factors must be kept in mind, among which are:

  • How often one uses it.
  • Where it is stored.
  • The quality of the glass pipe.
  • The way it is used.

Glass pipes may never break if the aspects mentioned above are always considered.

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