Legal Compliance Software by Nimonik Inc. Ensuring Legal Compliance is Well Fulfilled

What are the benefits of legal compliance for companies? What advantages does having a legal compliance management system or, on a lesser scale, criminal offense prevention plans bring to a company? Why should a company consider legal compliance as an advantage and not as an expense? In the following lines, we will answer these questions.

What benefits does legal compliance bring to your company?

Since a few years ago, legal compliance has gained greater relevance in our country, since having a criminal offense prevention plan can mitigate or exempt companies from criminal liability for crimes committed by any of their members. This fact, which is seen as one of the main advantages of legal compliance, has led companies to start considering the implementation of a legal compliance program or plan.

However, a legal compliance management system can be considered a minimum program as far as regulatory compliance is concerned, since this system encompasses, or may encompass, all national and international regulations and legal obligations that affect the company, so that it complies with all of them and, in turn, minimizes the risks of breaching any of them, including actions or illegal behavior of its members, for which they can be held responsible or, at least, pay the legal and reputational consequences thereof.

One of the first steps to preparing a legal compliance plan or program is to make a compliance risk map or maps to which the company may be exposed, based on those laws and regulations that affect it due to its context (location, size, number of workers, activity, etc.).

Identifying these risks allows the company to know which are the most critical due to their level of probability and impact and to determine what controls and measures to implement to reduce the said probability of materialization and negative impact on the company, as well as allocate the necessary resources for it.

However, which legal compliance should be chosen?

When we talk about how to choose legal compliance software, we are not only talking about the features but also the reputation of the developer company. We should choose a highly reputable developer and based on our short research we can conclude that Nimonik Inc. is one of them. Legal compliance software created by Nimonik Inc. has become the standard for how legal compliance software should be created.

Why is Nimonik’s legal compliance software worth it?

Nimonik’s legal compliance software is integrated legal compliance software. Integrated here means that it is centrally integrated with all regulations, laws, and standards that bind a company in a certain area and within a certain period of time. Very specific actually.

An organization can be subject to thousands of external compliance obligations, that is not counting external obligations that have legal implications such as contracts, certain operating licenses, and lease agreements.

Legal compliance software by Nimonik Inc. has a very comprehensive database with thousands of regulations, standards, and laws applicable in many countries. Thus this software is highly relevant to companies operating outside of North America. This is what distinguishes the legal compliance software made by Nimonik Inc. from other similar software.

There are at least 400 jurisdictions integrated with the Nimonik database and not only that, Nimonik Inc. also ensures that there is always an update on the legal compliance system, keeping up with changes and additions to regulations and standards that occur each year. And finally, the compliance audit feature provided by Nimonik Inc. gives full control to every company manager in compliance with every obligation, both internal and external.


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