Kirk Franklin: A Big Name in The American Entertainment Industry

Inspiring Gospel Musician The recording of Kirk Franklin scolding his son on the phone went viral when his apologies were made public. Do some research to find out who Kirk Franklin’s child is.

Kirk Franklin, a Grammy winner, has been in the news a lot since the 12th of March. A private chat between 51-year-old gospel musician Kirk Franklin and his estranged son Kerrion Franklin was recently posted on Twitter, igniting a firestorm of controversy. Fan outrage erupted as soon as the phone call was released, with many blaming the other party for the embarrassing situation. The musician can be heard yelling at his son on the recorded phone call. Today, many people want to know who Kirk Franklin’s son is on social media now.

His upbringing and all

Kirk Franklin has one son, Kerrion, who is the oldest. Kerrion’s Instagram bio states that he is an “author, producer, and cinematographer.” Music is another passion of the 32-year- old’s, and he frequently posts images of his recording studio on social media. After the video went viral, Kirk released an apologetic video on Instagram, in which he acknowledged that his connection with his son had been poisonous for a long time.

Musician, author, and choir conductor Kirk Franklin rose to popularity in the early 1990s with his gospel music ensemble Kirk Franklin and The Family. It’s estimated that the band’s debut album sold over a million copies. Kirk has had tremendous success as a solo artist since 2000, earning many Grammy Awards in the process. Check over his life narrative, profession, relationships, and wealth to better understand who Hood Evangelist Kirk Franklin Son Kerrionis.


By Kirk Franklin Kerrion Franklin‘s given name, he refers to himself. In 1970, he grew to 5’5″ and became a recording artist in Fort Worth, Texas. He was reared by his great aunt Gertrude after his mother abandoned him as a newborn.

She planned to generate the money for Kirk’s 4-year-old piano lessons by collecting and selling aluminum cans. To his credit, he had an ear for music from an early age and could read, write, and play music by Kirk Franklin Son Kerrion.

Life outside of work

Tammy Collins is Kirk’s wife. Kirk and Tammy have two children. They’ve known one other for a long time and were married in 1996 after years of dating. Kirk’s son Kerrion and Tammy’s daughter Carrington, both from a previous relationship, joined them.

In all, they have four children: Caziah (born in 2007), Carrington (born in 2008),Kennedy (born in 2010), and Kerrion (born in 2012).


When Kirk was the choir director at his church, he started putting together gospel ensembles. He’s a member of the gospel group “The Humble Hearts,” which he co-founded.The ensemble recorded one of Franklin’s songs, and Milton Bingham, a legendary gospel singer, heard it.As a result of his enthusiasm, Bingham asked Kirk to lead the DFW Mass Choir to record Kirk’s song “Every Day with Jesus,” which the choir performed. To be the choir director for the 1990 Gospel Music Workshop of America Convention, Bingham hired Kirk when he was 20.


In 1992, Kirk assembled a 17-voice choir composed of neighborhood associates and friends. The Family was the name given to this group.

Vicki Mack-Lataillade, the label’s co-founder, heard the group’s demo tape and promptly signed them to a recording deal the same year. Kirk Franklin & The Family released their debut album, “Kirk Franklin & The Family,” in 1993.

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