Keeping Your Stairs Aligned With Building Codes

Stairs are an integral part of almost any building nowadays. But building stairs is not as easy as it might seem. Stairs built without proper measurements and the workers being familiar to the building codes are very high risk and can cause a lot of damage. This is why code requirements for stairs according to building rules are very vital.

Building codes

Each building can have a different code for the specific formation of stairs. A normal house has different code requirements for stairs in comparison with a 40 floor sky scraper. You need to check out with your officials of the nearby buildings. Usually there is an international residential code available too but sometimes officials do not adopt it.


Hand rails are a must of stairs. Especially more than four steps in a place. Tripping and falling off stairs is pretty easy and is very common too. With no handrails, the risk is much more elevated. Handrails also have a specific height and design requirement according to the code requirements for stairs. Guardrails have importance in this matter too.

Interior and Exterior Stairs

Stairs can be inside the building and outside too. Now the code requirements for stairs also depends on their placement. Exterior stairs are directly under rain. So using marble or any other slippery surface is a safety concern. Similarly, having no lighting above stairs that are inside the building is a hazard too. All these things have to be looked into before a building is approved by the codes.


The building code does not just stop at material and lighting. The measurements of the steps are the most essential part of it. Specific height and width has been assigned for various types of stairs. And they are extremely important to follow. And these code requirements for stairs make your stairs the safest part of the house.


Various people can be working or living in a building. If you have old people or toddlers at your place, it is obvious that necessary steps have to be taken in order to make it safe for people of every age. In public places, stairs have to he designed in a way that makes them accessible to handicapped people too. Keeping everyone and everything in mind is vital when building your staircase. It is always recommended to get professional assistance.

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