Kamagra Oral Jelly Vs Tablets: Which One Should You Choose For Best Results?

While some people may love to talk about their ailments and general health issues, no one is comfortable discussing their sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. As a consequence, they don’t consult their doctor and simply decide to live with the issue. Erectile dysfunction, which was once considered a condition of the elderly, affects a vast majority of younger men as well—the reason – Unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Several other factors (including physical, psychological, or both) may also cause erectile dysfunction. There are numerous treatment alternatives available, and the most suitable option will depend upon the underlying cause of your symptoms. 

One of the best medications you can choose to take is Kamagra, which is available in the form of tablets and gel. This article will look at some key differences between the two and help you make the right choice.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Also called impotence, erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability of a man to get and maintain an erection firm enough for having satisfactory sexual intercourse. The condition is pretty common. Almost thirty million men in America are currently dealing with erectile dysfunction. Ignoring the symptoms of erectile dysfunction may mean sending a personal invitation card to more serious illnesses that could cost your life. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Following are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction:

  • You can obtain an erection sometimes, but not all the time, whenever you wish to indulge in sexual activity.
  • You can get an erection that doesn’t last long enough
  • Your erection isn’t firm enough
  • You don’t get an erection at all

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can stem from a wide range of physical health concerns, emotional issues, or both. Some known risk factors include:

  • Having diabetes
  • Having cardiovascular disease
  • Having high blood pressure 
  • Having high cholesterol
  • Smoking
  • Being over age 50 
  • Being obese
  • Lacking exercise
  • Using recreational drugs or drinking excessive alcohol

Kamagra Oral Jelly Vs Tablets

Several years ago, there was only one ED medication available called Viagra, which was highly expensive and hence unaffordable for the general public. Kamagra is an effective generic version of viagra, which contains the same active ingredient as branded viagra. 

While there are many differences between Kamagra oral jelly and Kamagra tablets, their base is entirely the same. Although erectile dysfunction can be treated using several treatment alternatives, the oral PDE-5 inhibitors are one of the most convenient to use and work immediately. 

The sildenafil citrate in Kamagra works to relax and expand the smooth blood vessels in specific parts of the body, including the penis. This increases the blood flow and allows you to get and maintain firm erections upon adequate sexual stimulation. Please note that Kamagra won’t work unless you are sexually aroused. 

Kamagra Oral Jelly Vs Tablets: Which One To Choose?

You must be wondering whether you should take Kamagra oral jelly or Kamagra tablets. The following differences will help your choose the best one:

  • While Kamagra tablets need to be taken with water at least 45 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse, Kamagra oral jelly can be consumed without water just 15 minutes before the planned sexual activity. 
  • Kamagra tablets, like any other sildenafil medication, take about 30 – 40 minutes to start their effects. On the other hand, Kamagra oral jelly gets absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and takes only 10 minutes to start its effects. 
  • Tablets usually have a bitter taste, but Kamagra oral jelly comes in a wide variety of flavors, including banana, strawberry, butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, etc., which makes swallowing them a pleasant experience.

The effects of both Kamagra oral jelly and tablets persist for nearly 5-6 hours. You can consider the above-listed tips to decide on which form of medication you should take. 

Other ED Treatment Options

If Kamagra fails to work for you, kindly ask your doctor to prescribe a different medication or ED treatment for you. Other ED medications that are known to be quite safe and effective include:

  • Cenforce
  • Fildena
  • Vidalista

If none of the above-listed medications provide you will the desired result, any of the following ED treatments could be prescribed:

  • Penile injections
  • Vacuum erection devices
  • Counseling
  • Testosterone replacement therapy
  • Penile Implants

Lifestyle Changes For Improving Erectile Dysfunction

Consider the following lifestyle changes to enhance your erectile function and overall sexual experience:

  • Eat a healthy diet: A poor or unhealthy diet can affect more than just your energy level. It may also lead to clogged arteries, diabetes, or heart disease – all of which are the known risk factors for erectile dysfunction. 

Have a heart-healthy diet to improve blood circulation throughout the body, including the penis. Include more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, etc., into your diet and cut back on high-fat sugars: This will help you maintain healthy body weight and improve erectile dysfunction.

  • Exercise regularly: Exercise for about thirty minutes regularly or on most days of the week. Regular exercising boosts your energy levels and relieves all the stress. It also increases blood circulation and keeps your heart healthy.
  • Deal with stress and relationship issues: Stress, anxiety, or other psychological problems can adversely impact your sexual health and your ability to engage in sex. Anger and resentment can also contribute to your inability to get and maintain erections and enjoy satisfying intercourse. 
  • Quit smoking: Smoking cigarettes elevates your risk of developing erectile dysfunction. It was found that men who gave up smoking improve their ED symptoms significantly than those who continued smoking. 
  • Have your doctor review all your medications: Some medications, including antidepressants, high blood pressure medications, etc., contribute to erectile dysfunction. Talk to your doctor regarding all the medications you take to determine if any of your medications could be responsible for your ED.
  • Continue to engage in sexual activity: It can be very frustrating to experience erection problems. But you should continue to engage in sexual activity to avoid further problems with erectile dysfunction. Sexual stimulation and frequent erections, even if not firm or long-lasting, can enhance blood flow to the penis


Kamagra oral jelly and tablets are equally safe and effective. You can choose any of the forms of the medication depending upon your preference and your doctor’s advice. No matter which ED treatment you undergo, you can always consider the lifestyle changes listed in this blog to improve your erectile dysfunction naturally. 

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