Kamado Space – A Kitchen on Wheels By BBQs 2U

BBQs 2U is back with Kamado Space, a kitchen on wheels that are specifically made for Kamado grills with everything compact with tabletop, drawers, and shelves for keeping all the accessories. BBQs 2U have been selling a huge range of Kamado Joe and Napoleon barbecues in the UK along with all the awesome accessories since 2002. As a small family business, they are passionate about barbecues with immense grilling knowledge that they share with their customers through social media pages.

As an authorized dealer of Kamado Joe, Ooni Pizza oven, as well as Napoleon barbecue, BBQs 2U aim to provide high-quality barbecues and a range of accessories at the most competitive prices. They also provide excellent after-sales support where customers can interact with them through live chat on their website.

The Kamado Joe & Napoleon BBQs UK are their hot selling products. This is why buyers can always rely on BBQs 2U for getting all range of barbecues in this brand. The Infinite Island for outdoor cooking is made and designed in Europe. It is perfect for all Kamado grills. Apart from the gorgeous look with minute detailing, this piece is sturdy and durable. The table is designed to provide users with absolute satisfaction and happiness while grilling food outside.

The Space table works with a selection of BBQ brands like Kamado Joe, Monolith, Primo, Big Green Egg, and many more. Two new cabinets were introduced in the 2021 summer and BBQs 2U shipped the first units in a fully assembled manner to customers. It required no assembly for the end user.

The Infinite Island XL is for Kamado users who have a Big Joe 2, Big Joe 3, Big Green Egg XL, Primo XL Charcoal 400, and Monolith LeChef.

The worktop is carefully polished and made of stainless steel that is acid-proof, heat resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. The drawers can be used for storing DoJoe Pizza oven and JoeTisserie along with other accessories. There are adjustable stretchers for easy loading grills into the tables.

The Cabinet is designed for users who look for extra storage for oversized equipment like an ash vacuum cleaner, huge dutch boilers, or ovens. There is a kitchen towel holder, herb pot shelf, a holder with ten hooks for hanging the accessories

The table is mobile and does not need to be tied to a specific place. This expands the grilling boundaries for users in terms of good effective space around Kamado as well as greater freedom and comfort for users to enjoy a grilling experience.

Users find cooking more fun when they have everything within reach and just like in a kitchen, they can go straight from the table to the grill. Even grill masters agree that the key factors for good grilling are good charcoal, quality meat, using the grill with the lid down, being organized, and having fun. BBQs 2U has fulfilled the need of every grilling enthusiast by introducing this Kamado Table with cabinets.

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