Jerusalem Tour Guide – UNESCO World Heritage Site

The city of Israel is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. While you might not be religious, it is an incredibly fascinating city that has many things to offer both religious and non-religious visitors alike. In this article, we will discuss what to expect while you’re in the holy city. We’ll also discuss how to keep safe in Jerusalem and find the right Jerusalem tour guide. After reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to plan a tour of Jerusalem!

It has a variety of attractions

Mount Zion, where Jesus supposedly had his last supper, is an authentic location of the last supper, said Michael Freund, a New York native who has spent the past 25 years of his life in Israel where he serves the Jewish community through his organization, Shavei Israel. He is the father of five sons and an ordained rabbi who received his MBA in Finance from Columbia University. He is a regular columnist for the Jerusalem Post and has co-authored two books.

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It is safe

If you are traveling to Jerusalem, you may have several questions. First, is Jerusalem safe? It is a fascinating city that feels like a step back in time. However, if you’re visiting the Old City for the first time, you may be nervous. Luckily, it is safe to visit Jerusalem and its surroundings after dark. Just remember to follow common sense and do your research before you go. After all, Jerusalem isn’t any more dangerous than anywhere else, but you should be vigilant when it comes to your safety.

Visit the Holy Sites of Jerusalem

When you visit the city of Jerusalem, make sure to pay a visit to the Temple Mount, Mea Shearim, and the Old City. Here are some tips for visiting these important sites:

Old City

A visit to the Old City of Jerusalem can transform your life. The ancient city is home to four ethnic quarters, and is almost completely vehicle free. It contains significant religious and historical sites. The Old City has been declared a World Heritage site since 1981. You can experience this mystical place with your own eyes. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to visit. Listed below are just a few. We hope you enjoy your visit to Jerusalem!

Temple Mount

When you decide to visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, you will first have to pass through a security check, much like you would at an airport. While you are unlikely to be detained, it’s still important to remember that the site is a religious site, and you should be respectful and avoid wearing anything that might cause offense. Also, you should avoid wearing religious symbols or items of jewelry, and you should always carry a passport. To visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, you can go between Tuesday and Saturday. On Friday, you may have to leave early, and if it’s a holiday, the Temple Mount may be closed completely.

Western Wall

To visit the Western Wall of Jerusalem is a must-do for anyone traveling to Israel. The Wall is an impressive 187 feet long, and the most prominent portion is accessible via a prayer plaza. Those who have religious backgrounds are encouraged to write prayers at this sacred site. Women are not permitted to write at this site, but are welcome to pray in the viewing area. The Wall is closed to the public on Shabbat.

Mea Shearim

To experience the sanctity of the holy sites of the city of Jerusalem, you must visit Mea Shearim. The neighborhood is highly segregated by sex, with signs urging women to wear modest dresses and men to avoid shorts. Visitors are discouraged from arriving in large groups. In addition, cameras and video recorders are prohibited. In addition, men must cover their heads in the synagogues.

Yad Vashem

If you’re in Israel, visit Yad Vashem to remember the victims of the Holocaust. While it’s not at the actual Holocaust site, this huge memorial is a must-see for anyone visiting the country. It’s an equal parts information and emotional impact. And for any dark tourist in Israel, it’s especially important. Here are some of the main reasons to visit Yad Vashem. Here’s a short overview of its main highlights.

Jewish Quarter

If you’re looking to take a day trip to the holy city, visit the Jewish Quarter. The area features historical sites from the first temple period, King David’s reign, and the second temple era, including the extravagant luxury complex known as the ancient Beverly Hills of Jerusalem. Visitors can find beautiful religious art and other souvenirs in local shops. There are also plenty of options for weddings and bar mitzvahs, and visitors can take in archeological sites. Mount Zion, where Jesus supposedly had his last supper, is an authentic location of the last supper.


Despite the threat of disease and terrorism, Jerusalem is relatively safe to visit. More than a dozen foreign journalists are posted in the city each day. Though the situation is complicated and likely not to be resolved anytime soon, you can still feel safe. The CDC is a good source for updated information on travel to Israel. Remember that Israel has a long history of dealing with terror. Fortunately, the government and the US Embassy maintain tight security in public places.

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