Is Diablo 2: Resurrected A Good Game Worth Playing?

Diablo 2: Resurrected is one of the most environmentally friendly games that most people have played so far. Even if you are a new person who knows nothing, as long as you go to the relevant forums to send a request for help, or rob, there will be a great God to take you through the new period. Fortunately, it is no problem to be given an MF outfit. There are 2 places to make complaints about Diablo. But let me start with what I think is good. If you are looking for the best place to buy cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected items, is always the safest and most legit website! If You Need More Information Visit: eblogz

The beauty of the picture. The picturesque beauty of Diablo 2 explodes Diablo 3. Of course, there are always a large number of people who insist on machine configuration, colorful, and it is aesthetic to insert angel wings on their backs. Then I didn’t say it. Diablo 2’s style is generally realistic. Only realistic ones have a sense of substitution. Similarly, I like the art style of ancient scroll 5, which is far more cool and crazy. I don’t think Diablo 3’s comic style is enough for the play.

Music, sound effects, and aesthetic feeling. Diablo 3 I have a lot of time to play. But I don’t remember BGM at all. Alas… Diablo 2’s BGM is very impressive, and many can be played back in my mind. Only act 5. I think the BGM style of Diablo 2 is beginning to change. Role language. The hero of D3 includes his entourage. The whole word is nagging!!! I’m so good!!! Did you see that monster!!! I think the Chinese voice dubbing people are all drama actors, full of drama tone. It’s a play. I don’t object to role interaction, but don’t make it a drama style, don’t make it a chatter, okay? The hero of D2, simple, I will clean up this wilderness and have a good rest. The blood crow… Is very involved in the play. If You Need More Information Visit: wmt24

Diablo 2 worked hard on collocation, while D3 played too many number games. Diablo 2 also has digital games. But more important than digital games is collocation. In order to support the matching of their playing methods, players are constantly brushing and brushing. D3 is more about numerical improvement – because of the existence of the infinite secret realm. In Diablo 2, because there is no infinite secret realm, generally speaking, the highest difficulty is 8pp hell. PVC players came up with New ways to level hell. Even a spicy chicken Druid can level hell. If You Need More Information Visit gopage7

In D3, because there is an infinite secret realm, players naturally want to play the deepest layers. Finally, there are only a few builds or two for each character, and some characters even become spicy chicken and no one plays. As a result, D2 pays more attention to collocation, while D3 pays more attention to value. But in my opinion, the playability of numerical value is not as good as that of collocation.

Even if the attack power has increased by 10 billion times, the monster’s blood volume has also increased by 10 billion times, which is meaningless. But the collocation is different. For example, Paladin, I can throw a hammer, I can double hot melee, I can step on the aura of trial, double dreams, and assist my teammates by the way. I can use my two handed weapons to revenge and enjoy the pleasure of cutting one by one. I can also make myself into an iron bucket to collect the D2 runes, or be the first to be beaten in the portal

In fact, Diablo 2 has many slot points. For example, adding the wrong point to practice again… It hurts people. For example, a character needs to practice many more to adapt to different scenes, reducing the feelings invested in a character. At this point, D3’s skill pool system is great. For example, many design defects. Druids are too weak. The bow and horse clear the field quickly, but play the boss to catch the hurry. Elemental assassin seems interesting, but Phoenix gathering Qi is difficult to control, and immediately turns playability into 0. Curse + 1 is enough. Why design it as 20.

Three flash bugs lead to a great decline in the practicability of spear horses. Mana burning is obviously a bug. If it becomes 0 in an instant, you can only drink medicine. Mages often have to run away when they encounter double immunity monsters. The skill addition system results in too few skills available. Some skills are useless. It’s also fierce when the small fireball is full but has anyone ever used the small fireball? Necromancer, who used fire element too much? Paladin classmate, who has stepped on the power aura himself? But even so, I still think Diablo 2 is more fun than Diablo 3. If Diablo 2 can use the advantages of Diablo 3 to reset, I believe it can reach a new height.

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