Is Breast Augmentation Safe? – All Your Questions Answered

Breast Augmentation is an alternative term for breast enhancement surgery. It is the most commonly opted plastic surgery in India and United States. Two types of breast implants, saline and silicone gel, are generally used during the treatment. Each implant offers certain benefits and risks as well. Choosing the breast plastic surgeon in Mumbai for Breast Augmentation can significantly help you out staying away from the adverse outcomes.

Rupture can be a consequence.

Ruptures can occur while performing any breast implant. These can result from any surgical error, fall, or the pressure exerted on the chest during the TreatmentTreatment. But the finding of these ruptures can differ from implants.

You can quickly figure out saline implants from the breast shape change caused by fluid leakage; when a saline implant breaks up, it secretes salt water. Ultimately the salted water is absorbed into the body harmlessly.

Alternative to saline implants, silicone implants are difficult to notice. When this implant breaks, the secreting fluid stays in the body and prevails to distant lymph nodes and breast tissues. These silicone gel implant ruptures are often considered silent because they are undetectable by the doctor and patient. These can only be detected using MRI, for which I advised the women to have an MRI test after three years of the breast implantation surgery. However, these MRI tests may cost more than the original cost of Breast Augmentation.

Rippled Skin

While talking about the aesthetic consequences of the treatment, we can find that the surgery cause skin is rippling. The risk is triggered by using the saline implants more than ordinary silicone implants, which look like natural breasts.

Surgical Differences

Saline implants are usually filled after the placement, and silicone gel breast implants are pre-filled. So, saline implants require a smaller incision than silicone gel implants. You can also adjust many breast implants after the surgery. A woman can decide to increase or decrease the size of the saline implant without surgery. The surgeon can insert a syringe and take off the liquid. On the other hand, you cannot change the size of the pre-filled silicone gel implant. So, these surgical differences often create confusion for the patient.

Relative FDA Recommendations

Considering the possible risks of breast Implants, FDA has recommended updates to the silicone-gel filtered breast implant rupture screening and the provision of patient device cards. These cards contain the device’s serial number, lot number, style and size, unique device identifier (UDI), and toll-free phone number of the breast implantation manufacturer. Moreover, the recommendations of MRI have also been designed to receive the best possible outcomes and decrease the risk of complications.

From where can you get the Treatment?

Breast Augmentation is a sensitive therapy that requires the supervision of a skilled surgeon. However, many qualified surgeons can serve you in the best possible way. Doctor Siddharth Prakash is the best plastic surgeon for Breast Augmentation in Mumbai and India, practicing at Lilavati hospital for many years. You can expect flawless TreatmentTreatment with his best medical expertise.


About 300,000 women receiving the Breast Augmentation treatment every year appear satisfied with the results. Similarly, some get confused while looking at the health risks. Suppose you have developed realistic expectations and thorough knowledge about the treatment. In that case, you can be one of those feeling satisfied with the outcomes.

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