Introducing Tenses to Kids

Children quickly grasp English words and they even start using them in their daily speech as broken sentences. We would often hear them imitating us when we speak in English but their words would be jumbled up and do not follow any grammar. Of course, they are kids and nobody can expect them to be masters of the language immediately after they start speaking. Yet, it would also not look good if they do not perfect their English skills when they mature. So, it is highly recommended that we introduce our kids to tenses right when they begin school.

Tenses are an important part of English grammar without which we cannot write or speak fluently. To make it easier for your kids, here is a brief explanation of what tenses are and how they are used to make a meaningful sentence. You must also ensure that your kids are practicing tenses questions so that they can learn them in a better way.

Types of Tenses

Tenses tell us when a particular action has happened. There are mainly three main tenses, which are the Present Tense, Past Tense and Future Tense. When an action is happening presently, it is called the present tense and when it has occurred sometime before, it is the past tense. Future tense talks about the action which is yet to happen. To explain these in simple terms, let us consider a few examples:

  • Ramu is playing cricket (Present Tense).
  • Peter cooked the dinner (Past Tense).
  • Sandy will be presenting a speech tomorrow (Future Tense).

Ways to Teach Tenses to Kids

Learning tenses is a great way for children to form sentences in English. Once they get a basic idea about tenses, it is wise to give them a set of tenses questions to practice. In this way, they will be able to better comprehend what they have learned and use them effectively. While most students are capable of using the right tense in a sentence, they often find it hard to say which tense they are using. Hence, to prevent such difficulties, here are some methods to teach tenses to your kids.

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  • Create a visual board and ask your child to write down the correct forms of verbs and paste them as sticky notes under each tense.
  • Present them with random tense worksheets and make them colorful by giving different colors for different tenses.
  • Play flashcards with kids and encourage them to say the tense of a particular sentence.
  • Give them a picture story and ask them to fill in the blanks with the right verb tenses.visit this site: topportal

Learning Tenses via Online

Any subject or concept is best learned through interactive activities and fun games. But with the ongoing pandemic and subsequent shutting of schools, children are denied this opportunity. Tenses can be confusing for some of your kids and as the learning has now moved to a virtual platform, it can be quite challenging for children, teachers and parents to understand and teach them. So, to ensure that kids do not lose interest in learning tenses, extreme care and attention must be given, especially when learning is happening through online classes.

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Though children might seem disturbed to sit at their homes and learn, you could dispel the negativity as parents and teachers. It would be a new experience through kids online classes and let us make it fun for them. There are many fun online worksheets available on tenses, which are easy to print and work on. Give them a new worksheet each day with different activities like coloring or matching and you will witness that your child would master tenses in a limited time. Besides, make use of the online collection of stories, where you can ask your kids to identify the tense in a sentence while reading it out to them. In this way, let us make kids online classes lively and vibrant.

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