Interior Vs. Exterior Waterproofing – a Debate

A genuine debate works for the better, especially if something good comes from it. When the topic is basement flooding, what method will you use to protect your investment once leakage starts? Several factors should be considered, and an effective method should be used.

One of the best options is to search for a good waterproofing company for your wet basement repair. Ask them to evaluate your basement thoroughly and suggest the best methods to rectify it. Usually, waterproofing professionals suggest two methods- exterior waterproofing and interior waterproofing.

Here are both the methods discussed: 

Water flooding, stains on the floor and walls, musty smell, rusting, and rotting are damages that wet basement causes. Even small leaks in the basement can cause long-term loss, from financial to health. While it may damage your flooring, furnishing burning a hole in your pocket, several health issues are also linked with it, such as allergies, headaches, rashes, and breathing problems.

A professional will do a complete analysis of your basement and the foundation area. They will check the eavestrough and window wells and find the cause of leakage. Once the cause is detected, they will make a recommendation.

Why should you choose exterior waterproofing?

  • It is the best, most effective and comprehensive way to safeguard your basement from flooding or leakage. It includes excavation around the external perimeter of the house till the foundation. The walls are cleaned, and cracks are filled in, followed by aqua block and fiber mesh installation. Weeping tile is installed below the basement floor to complete the process.
  • Exterior waterproofing doesn’t prevent the water from seeping into the home, causing unnoticeable damage to your floors and walls.
  • It is costlier because more work and material are included, but it is a sure shot to make your home waterproof. It will give you the peace of mind you need.
  • The exterior waterproofing process is evolving and improving with every passing day to make your home more secure and more protected.
  • Once the professionals handle the task, it doesn’t take much time.

Why should you choose interior waterproofing?

  • It is a cheaper process compared to exterior waterproofing.
  • The process of interior waterproofing is not so invasive. It doesn’t include loosening the exterior soil of the house, doing the excavation, or involving too much disruption. It is a quiet process done inside the house, without affecting anyone.
  • The basement wall is insulated to prevent condensation from forming on the wall. Till the spray foam insulation stands on the membrane, waterproofing is 100% complete.
  • The water inside the basement is pumped out, and the basement is made dry.
  • It is a full-fledged waterproofing method with backups. It includes a sump pump to collect water inside the house and pump it away from the basement.

These are two wet basement repair methods to select from. You can hire professionals to guide you on which method will suit your basement. Once they make a suggestion, you can go with it.

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