Installation Instructions and Advice for Fivem

Describe fivem. Fivem is a unique modification that gives you access to every feature of GTA RP! Fivem should not be confused with GTA Online. The mod fivem enables several RP servers to produce unique vehicles, environments, tools, and other items. This is a simple, step-by-step guide on installing fivem that includes Quix fixes and troubleshooting advice.

You can use fivem to access modified multiplayer GTA servers for purposes like role-playing, which is precisely what you see all the prominent broadcasters doing when they engage in GTA RP. They employ fivem. You can still observe npcs (also known as the locals) and genuine players moving around because fivem preserves the original AI (aka: other RP-ers).

It is synchronized with the Rockstar Network, so you will always receive the most recent updates, making it probably more dependable than GTA Online. It is also stand-alone. 

This indicates that you are free to move between fivem and standard GTA or GTA Online without getting banned. 

(It has no impact on the GTA V installation.) This probably won’t affect you unless you have friends that play GTA Online and you occasionally want to play with them and occasionally want to join an RP server using fivem.

Install Guide for fivem

  • Make sure you have a copy of GTA V in your possession first, of course. Even if fivem is free, you still need to acquire a copy of GTA V. You can get it through Steam, the Rockstar launcher, or the Epic Games Store.
  • Next, make sure your computer has enough space for the fivem client download.
  • Visit the fivem website to get the specifications you require. The system requirements are listed here; scroll down to see them. I suggest using the- suggested.

The following step is to select Download Client.

Now, feel free to read the fine print if you have some additional time on your hands. Alternatively, you can scroll down to Sure, I concur and will let it run its course.

Next, a pop-up message stating that Five M needs to update is likely to appear. Select Yes.

And never forget that Steam must always be open in order to launch fivem.

Remember this

You must always have Steam open in order to start fivem. (Short tip: If you plan to play frequently, I’d suggest pinning fivem mod to your taskbar. To remind myself to launch Steam first, I keep my nearby, but do what works for you!

Fivem Tips to Troubleshoot

If you have any problems, you can try what I heard several people suggest online: they had to drag fivem into a new folder with the game itself. It appeared to solve the problem.

Fivem Simple Fix

Establish a new folder.

Save it on your Desktop or give it a name like fivem GTA (or something you can quickly search for if you need to find it again).

Add GTA V and fivem and carry on from there.

You’ll see this pop-up prompting you to sign in to your account as soon as you launch fivem. You can sign up for an account or link your console or Steam account in the top right corner under “Account.”

Now select “Play” to access a list of servers that you can select from. You can use the language filter to find RP servers. If you’re authorized and have access to a whitelisted server’s IP address, you can also enter it.

Epic Games Store plus fivem Fast Fix

If you purchased GTA V from the Epic Games Store and fivem still won’t open when you launch it WITH Steam open, you can try the following technique, which appears to work for a lot of people:

  • Access Steam’s Library > Games section.
  • Click Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library to continue.
  • Click browse when a pop-up window appears. Your file browser will open as a result.
  • Click Program Files from here, then scroll until you see Epic Games.
  • Following that, select GTA V >.egstore > bps > Install > playgtav.exe > open > Select Programs and Add

Playgtav ought to now be added to your Steam Library.

Now fivem should operate when you launch it. It might be necessary to first close fivem and Steam, then reopen them.

Simple General Advice

Make cautious to keep the IP address of the server you are joining a secret if you chance to be broadcasting! Note: When you open fivem, the most recent servers you’ve played on will be displayed. Additionally, for added security, you can bookmark servers by selecting the star icon for easier access rather than typing the IP address each time.

You probably attempted to connect to a whitelisted server if you attempt to connect to a server and receive a connection failure notification. In case you need to review, I discussed the top public (non-whitelisted) and whitelisted servers in the preceding section.

If you want an RP-focused server, I strongly advise applying to one of the whitelisted servers we outlined previously. You’ll note that some of the public servers may state freeroam, which essentially means you can spawn cars, vehicles, and anything else you want at any time.


The gtaforums appear to be an excellent place to start for console users. There are no mod servers on gtaforums. You can see how many users are connected to the server and how many comments have been made, though. 

This will show you how vibrant the neighborhood is. Even a search for “roleplay” is possible. To find a strong community, you can also join forums and chat rooms. Beginner Tips and Advice has further information on this.

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