Innovative Activities for Older Adults Are Proving to Be Therapeutic

Credit: Ron Lach via Pexels

Active living is unquestionably beneficial for older adults. The right activities can help mitigate the risk of physical illnesses and even treat mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, and stress. Professionals are leveraging innovative activities and therapies to draw the interest of people who are open to trying something new. 

Competitive Games

A little healthy competition is good for the mental and physical well-being of participants from any age group. Modern living centres organize competitive games to inspire thousands of adults to participate in physical activity and socialize. 

The innovative All Senior Care Senior Games include competitive games and some healthy food for the players. The games end with an award ceremony that features special guests. A typical weekly schedule may offer the following activities:

    • Walk and roll
    • Wii Sports
    • Ladder golf (Ladder toss)
    • Canada Billiard (Petanque-Atout)
    • Bean Bag
    • Jeopardy

Spa Days

Self-care days for older adults can enhance mental well-being and self-esteem. A spa day can include a foot massage, skin treatment, haircut, manicure, and pedicure. Spa days can also be group activities that help older adults socialize with peers. 

Art Therapy 

Contrary to some views, art therapy isn’t about learning how to draw. Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy where participants self-explore through painting, drawing, and other art forms. Professional art therapists are trained specialists that help clients in this therapeutic process. 

Numerous studies show that older adults can relieve stress and depression and manage pain better through art therapy. Through this form of therapy, they can also learn to deal with uncomfortable, confusing, or hurtful memories or experiences. 

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is another type of therapy where participants self-explore through creation. They may use beads, gems, metals, shells, strings, and other items to make jewelry in a controlled environment under the supervision of a trained professional. Older adults participating in jewelry making can feel more relaxed and improve their cognitive skills. 

Music Therapy

Music therapy is an evidence-based clinical use of music to achieve therapeutic goals. Music therapy has been shown to minimize stress and boost mood and cognitive function in older adults living with dementia. Music therapy can also help older adults with physical rehabilitation and movement facilitation. 

Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is a guided interaction between a client and a trained animal under the supervision of the animal’s handler. The animal-assisted activity benefits an older adult’s mental and physical health. This form of therapy also alleviates stress and helps people cope with painful conditions and experiences. 

It’s easy to see how pet therapy can be therapeutic. After all, who doesn’t like rubbing a furry friend’s head? It’s no wonder that living communities for older adults like All Seniors Care are pet-friendly at no extra cost to residents. 

Sensory Rooms

Older adults with Alzheimer’s or Dementia can find sensory rooms quite therapeutic. These rooms are designed to engage all five senses through light, sound, and other types of stimulation. Sensory rooms provoke positive memories and can help calm or stimulate a person. Innovative retirement homes feature sensory rooms for residents that require memory care. 

Activities for older adults don’t have to be mundane. They can be fun, unique, stimulating, creative, and customized to suit a person’s needs. 

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