Impact of Rodent Infestation on Your Manchester Property

Whether it’s a growing business or an already grown-up business, pest control is a problem that can cause severe issues leading to unimaginable damage. Among various pest infestations, Rodent Infestation is something that is the most annoying of all as they not only cause damage to the property but lead to other severe issues.

Let’s see to how much extent this infestation can harm the business.

How to get rid of rodent infestation?

The best and fastest way to get rid of rodent infestation is through professional pest controllers. For this, the best solution is Manchester pest control, an independent family-operated company. They are proudly serving the Manchester area for 30 yrs. Whether you are looking for one-off property pest control treatment or ongoing pest monitoring solution, with their BPCA experts they will provide you the best rat pest control Manchester service.

About Rodents of Manchester

Rats are warm-blooded creatures that help them to survive throughout the year, making their infestation severe. Also, they have high reproductive abilities and it takes them less time to expand their families.

In Manchester, you will find mainly two types of rats:

  • Norway Rats: these rats are quite bigger and have higher chewing abilities as compared to the other species of Rodents.
  • Roof Rats: they are also known as wood rats and are quite small in size. They have the amazing ability of climbing. Hence, they have a higher chance of invasion.

How can rats harm your business?

In the past few years, we have seen practically how these rats infestation has caused so much trouble to the business owner, even in severe circumstances they even have to shut their business down. In past years, in London, a bakery has to shut down after the food inspector found out about the Infestation.

Here are details of how they can cause harm to business:

  • Damage to the property: as we know they have a high ability to chew things due to their forever-growing teeth. They can easily cut out the pipes and can make holes. They can also damage wooden materials. Norway Rats are so fine with their chewing activity that they can damage aluminum things.
  • Health Hazards: not only do they cause damage to the property but they can also cause severe deterioration of the health of the workers as well as people associated with the products. The rodents are carriers of severe fatal and infectious diseases. For example, they are carriers of typhus.
  • Loss of reputation: it is common to lose reputation after revealing the Infestation. As it directly questions the management and the hygiene and safety of the product.

How to prevent Rodents infestation?

  • Keep the surroundings neat and clean.
  • Try to minimize the materials inside the house.
  • If there is any hole or way for the rats to enter then fill the gaps.
  • Keep the leftover foods in a tight container
  • You can set baits to Catch the Rodents.


It’s nearly impossible for a property to survive rodent infestation. Hence, try to prevent it as much as possible. In case the infestation has already taken place take the help the professional pest control.

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