If JEE Main 2021 Conducted in August: A Comprehensive Preparation Strategy

JEE Main is probably the one exam in the country that tests a person’s intelligence and knowledge alongside their speed of solving questions. Compared with JEE Advanced, JEE Main focuses more on testing the student’s basics instead of quizzing them on complex applications.

With less than two months to go, should the exam be conducted in August 2021, here is a JEE Main preparation strategy that can help one ace the mega exam:

  • Revise, Practice, and Revise

Since the time at hand is pretty short, it is imperative to revise the aspirant’s concepts over the past two years instead of going for newer, uncovered topics. The expanse of the syllabus is vast, and it is difficult to memorize everything at once. Consistent revisions and practicing specific questions that target the revised material would help in cementing the multitude of concepts in the memory of the aspirant.

Important topics should be revised more frequently, as there is a higher probability of questions asked from these sections in the exam.

  • Make quick notes

As important as it is to revise a topic, it is equally important to make notes during the first revision so that subsequent revisions take less time and are more concise. Creating formula sheets and notes on how to tackle standard questions is a practice that is extremely helpful for the student, with its fruits realized especially on the day before the examination. It is important to narrow down the set of things to be revised, yet touch upon all the major points from all chapters.

  • Be time-bound in your practice

While practicing every topic is imperative, it is also essential to have a time-bound approach when it comes to practicing a topic. One of the major issues faced by aspirants in JEE Main is that they fail to finish their paper within the stipulated time of 3 hours. Most cases of underperformance by seemingly capable students are attributed to a lack of time management.

Having a gamification-based attitude while practicing for JEE Main helps in tackling this issue. The aspirant should be encouraged to attempt their practice problems within a particular period, as if they are trying to beat the clock playing football, aiming to score the maximum possible number of goals. The aspirant should aim to increase the number of questions they can solve within the bound of time they would be setting for themselves.

  • Track your accuracy

Alongside being time-bound, the aspirant should also track their accuracy in the practice sessions and improve the same. It is because JEE Main is an exam that comes with negative marking. Since you are penalized for every wrong answer, it is necessary to be accurate while answering every question.

  • Test yourself

Like every exam, JEE Main is a high-pressure situation for all aspirants, and thus it is important to warm up to the same, especially in the last leg of preparation. Periodic testing is known to increase the confidence of the student for the D-Day. An aspirant should include every possible source of question papers in their bucket and test oneself by attempting them regularly. From question papers set by the leading coaching institutes of the country to the ones available on online platforms, such as Embibe and Toppr, and the past-year JEE Main papers.

They should analyze their performance in every test and aim to improve the same in the subsequent ones. Regular testing also helps the aspirant identify key areas of weaknesses, which provide a precise list of topics that need revision.

Lastly, having adequate sleep ensures that aspirants are fresh and can perform to their maximum capacity in the examination. It is important to believe in oneself, stay disciplined and not succumb to pressure. We hope that these points help you ace your JEE Main exam, and wish you the best of luck for the same.

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