How Will Loktantra Mediatech Help to Improve Social Media, Communication and Engagement Through Conversations ?

At the bedrock of communication and technology lies social media. As of January 2022, there are approximately 4.62 billion social media users globally. But are these people able to derive any benefits from the clutter of social media applications? We bet not! So how is the Loktantra Mediatech’s new online engagement platform Khul Ke going to address this gap? Let’s find out.

Loktantra Mediatech believes that conversations can create possibilities. They want to help people engage in enriching conversations and not just be mute spectators like on other social media apps. Here’s how it’s helping users-

You Can Talk “Khul Ke”

Freedom of speech is our fundamental right, but most social media apps censor conversations. It makes it impossible for users to freely express their opinions without any judgments.

Khul Ke gives the users freedom! It supports democratic principles and believes that great meaningful conversations are only possible when all users have the freedom to express their views, even if it is different from the majority.

Users may identify like-minded people and find their own community that they never had before. Online conversations can open the door to unlimited possibilities. So do not shy away. Enjoy it Khul Ke!

You Can Share “Khul Ke”

Khul Ke is an Indian app that offers all kinds of media exchange. This means you can share audio, video, and text on its online platform. This 360-degree approach is designed to elevate the levels of impactful conversations and help you network with influential people.

Khul Ke offers multiple formats of communication so that users can effortlessly communicate with each other. This enables Khul Ke to even eliminate challenges faced by specially-abled people in communicating online. Through audio, video, or text, they can become a part of a conversation rather than just being an audience.

Khul Ke Features

To help users engage, Khul Ke is making sure that it provides them with excellent features! Its star feature, RoundTable, allows users to discuss trending topics. Such virtual RoundTable will have moderators and panellists voicing their opinions and engaging in conversations.

Audiences can watch and learn interesting facts from expert panellists or voice their own opinions. They can also engage in conversations with other people about the same topic. Users can even stream their own live videos to share their ideas.

Another amazing feature for users to enjoy is TownHall. It’s a space where users can share their thoughts and update audio and videos. It also enables them to create their own community by sharing and circulating other people’s posts.

To Sum It Up

Khul Ke is an online engagement platform that allows private messaging and public and private discussions. It also provides its users with a stage to express themselves freely. In an increasingly cluttered, lonely world, Khul Ke can help users engage in real and more meaningful conversations using modern communication technology.

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