How to Write a Short Essay: The Right Structure and Ways to Make it Interesting!

Writing a short essay can be challenging. Sometimes you might feel like you don’t have enough information to write about, or that you have too much information and it’s hard to choose what to include in your paper. In this article, we will teach you the best way to structure your paper and how to make it interesting! We will also share some great examples of short essays so you can see what a well-written assignment help malaysia looks like. Let’s get started!

Make a thesis statement

The first step to writing a great essay is to write an intriguing thesis statement. This is the sentence that captures the main idea of your paper. It might sound hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some ideas you can use for your thesis statement:

– Thesis statement 1: “I think everyone should eat less fast food.”

– Thesis statement 2: “Fast food causes many illnesses and health problems.”

– Thesis statement 3: “There are many ways to show that fast food is bad for you.”

Organize your ideas

Your paper doesn’t have to be perfect to get an A. It’s most important that you organize your ideas in a clear and concise way.

The most common layout for short essays is the traditional five paragraph essay. This type of essay is organized in the following way:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body (3-4 sentences each)
  3. Conclusion

This structure will allow you to easily organize your thoughts and create a paper that flows well from one idea to the next. The introduction should be quick and succinct, while the conclusion should include a strong last sentence or two. Your body paragraphs should each cover one point and include at least three sentences each, but no more than four sentences each, for a total of three or four body paragraphs in all. After writing your introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph, organize your ideas into 3-4 body paragraphs with 3-4 sentences each—one for each point you want to make about your topic!

Write your introduction

The introduction is the first paragraph of your paper, and it’s a crucial part of your essay. Your introduction should clearly state what you plan to talk about in your paper, and it should also grab the attention of your reader.

In most cases, the introduction includes a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a one-sentence summary of what you plan to argue in your paper. It tells the reader what you will be writing about.

For example:

Many people want to know how they can write their papers more effectively.

This paper will explore different ways people can write python homework help more effectively and offer tips for good writing.

Find quotes to include in the paper

It is important to include quotes in your essay because they help the reader understand your position better. You want to choose quotes that are specific and relevant information you are talking about.

For example, let’s say you are writing about how people should be more environmentally conscious. You could include a quote like “A new study shows that Americans only recycle 15% of their waste.” This quote will support your argument that Americans don’t recycle enough of their waste.

Outline what you will write about

A well-structured paper is important for a few reasons. First, it helps you stay on topic and not wander around in the weeds of your information. Second, it makes your paper easier to read because it becomes more organized. Lastly, it shows that you are an organized thinker who knows what they are talking about!

So how do you outline? To start, write down everything you want to include in your essay. You can keep this as broad or specific as you want. Once you have all the points for your outline, order them by importance so they will flow together naturally. If some points don’t fit under any major category, create another section labelled “miscellaneous”.

Once you have all these points written out, take a moment to look at them and determine how long each point will take to discuss. Some points might be short while others might be longer. Once you’ve determined this for each point, choose which ones will be discussed first, second etc. If there is an even number of points left over after choosing the first and second point (or whatever other number), choose one of those and put it at the end of the list – last but not least!

Body paragraph 1

Writing an essay is like telling a story. You want to start with information that captures your reader’s attention and make them feel like they are part of the story.

Body paragraph 2

Why is it important to structure your essay?

When you’re short on time or don’t know what to write about, the best strategy is to include a well-structured introduction and conclusion. This helps you get your point across quickly without sacrificing depth of information. To learn how to properly structure an essay, you need to understand the five paragraph essay:

Body paragraph 3

When you’ve chosen a topic, it’s important to plan out your essay before writing it. A good way to do this is to write down three main points you want to include in your paper. These will be the three body paragraphs of your essay, so you should think about what points you want to make and how they relate to the topic.

The first point is that an informative essay can be structured into three body paragraphs: introduction, development and conclusion. The introduction includes a hook and a brief overview of the three main points. The development has two or more paragraphs that provide evidence for the points made in the introduction, while the conclusion wraps up by reiterating one of those points from a new perspective or with a final comment on how the reader should respond.

The second point is that it is crucial for an informative essay to use supportive evidence from credible sources. This helps convince readers of your argument and makes them more likely to believe what you’re saying because they know it comes from reliable sources.

The third point is that persuasive essays usually have four sections: introduction, body paragraph 1, body paragraph 2 and concluding paragraph. The first two sections support the thesis statement in different ways, while


This article has taught you the best way to structure your short essay. Now you can write a paper in 5 steps!

1) Introductory paragraph

2) Body paragraphs

3) Evaluation paragraph

4) Conclusion

5) Works cited page

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