How to Use Pinterest for Business

Whether you’re a newbie to the world of Pinterest or a seasoned pro, there are a few Pinterest tips you need to keep in mind. These tips include creating a great Pinterest image, identifying your target audience, and creating a board with relevant pins. Also, make sure to update your website’s links.

Create a good image on Pinterest

When you use Pinterest for business, the best way to make sure you get more views is to create a good image. This means a combination of text and visuals that capture the attention of your target audience. Remember, the vast majority of Pinterest activity occurs up close on mobile devices, which means that people are looking at the graphics directly. To maximize your reach, optimize your images by using two to three-thirds aspect ratios.

Another way to make sure your images are seen by your target audience is to use text overlays. These text overlays will give your images a little more context and detail. You can also use a collage technique with four or less images. Be careful not to use too many images, as they can interfere with the flow of the feed. It is also important not to place your branding image too prominently as it could get lost in the shuffle.

Identify your target audience

If you want to market your business on Pinterest, you need to identify your target audience. You can do this by researching the interests of your customers. You can use specific keywords in your ads to target these individuals. For example, you can use “wedding veils” or “women’s fashion” to target women who are looking for bridal accessories. You can also use “keyword targeting” to target people who are searching for your products on Pinterest.

When it comes to creating an image for your business on Pinterest, you should consider utilizing a low-white space background. You can also include a video that lasts for about 30 seconds. You can also share company infographics and data visualizations. Use keywords throughout your profile and boards to target specific niches.

Create a board with relevant pins

Once you’ve created a board on Pinterest, you should add relevant pins to it. Specifically, you should include pins for articles you’ve written and other relevant resources. You should also add a little bit of personality to your boards. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about your business, but it should show some of your passions and interests. After all, Pinterest is all about connecting, so your customers will appreciate a more human account.

Besides using colorful images, you should also include descriptive text that complements your images. Pinterest users want to see beautiful, helpful, or inspirational images. Your images should match your links. If they are mismatched, users will feel like they’re getting a “bait-and-switch.” Make sure to upload relevant images that load quickly.

Update your website’s links

You should name your boards after the types of content you post. This will help Pinterest identify the content you post and can help you increase clickthrough rates. Make sure that you also include your logo and links in your descriptions. Broken links won’t help you build a brand, so make sure they load quickly.

If you are using Pinterest for your business, you should also link to your website from your profile page. Since Pinterest has a high domain authority, it can deliver traffic to your website. To make sure that you are using the service correctly, you should check the terms of service.

Check your competitors’ strategies

To find out how your competitors are doing, you can check your competitor’s Pinterest profiles. This way, you can improve your own profile as well. Make sure you have descriptive copy for your Pins and use text overlays to reinforce your visual message. In addition, you should have a logo and links to your website, as broken links do not do your brand any good.

Another great way to increase your chances of achieving success on Pinterest is by checking out your competitors’ pinning strategies. You may find that they have a similar audience as you do, so it’s a good idea to check out what they’re doing to achieve success on the site. Pay attention to their popular pins and try to mimic their strategies.

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