How to Use Instagram Hashtags: The Ultimate Guide

Now everyone is talking about hashtags in Reels. Many people call it a “magic pill,” but to effectively use this method of increasing reach or the number of subscribers, you need to get all the rules and processes right. 

Use trending hashtags for instagram reels that really work. But don’t use the first words you see. Do some analysis and research on the subject if you want to get a good result. In addition, when searching for hashtags, you should rely on the country in which your video will roll and on your target audience. That said, you need to understand what category of users you want to capture. 

Tips for choosing hashtags for Reels

If you want to hit recommendations and benefit from using hashtags, don’t throw words around chaotically. When selecting them, consider important factors, which include:

  • Frequency. Do not use only the most popular hashtags. Especially if you have a small account, there is a great risk of getting lost between the more popular pages and wasting extra time. Better combine popular words with less popular words, getting a golden meaning. 
  • Relevance. Do not enter hashtags that do not relate to the subject of the video. Choose the right words that are relevant to what is shot and published in Reels. 
  • Write hashtags in the language you and your audience use on your blog. If you already have a large number of subscribers and have expanded your page, you can gradually add foreign-language tags.

These rules are used by marketers and people who are professionally involved in the creation and promotion of Reels on Insta. 

Don’t forget to write the hashtags correctly. If you’ve never been interested in it, there may be questions, and that’s okay. To put a hashtag, you need to put a pound sign “#” in front of the word. If you have two words, you can’t separate them, but at most you can complement them with an underscore. Capital letters are not necessary, as they do not affect the meaning, but leave a grammatical impression.


Just reread the rules above, repeat them once in practice and you will understand how it all works. If you want, you can easily figure out all the details, because hashtags are one of the easiest ways to promote. In the future, you can even do it on a professional level, as it is one of the marketing chips. Everything is easy and free, so hashtags are an advantage you should not give up. Start adding tags that fit your subject matter and that you like in terms of meaning. After your first post, start tracking the effectiveness of each hashtag. This can be done with the help of special programs, of which there are many on the Internet. 

If you want to attract an audience or potential clients, go deep into it. You need to get serious about publishing Reels and adding hashtags. Only through regularity and consistency can you see expectations fulfilled, and sometimes even exceed them. 

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