How To Style Your Sports Watch

In terms of style, the sports watch is one of the most dynamic timepieces. Since it comes in many designs, it can fit various sports. These include contact sports, water sports, marathons, and more. If you have one in your athletic gear, it should help you in your active lifestyle. It is also why these watches are always thicker than contemporary watches.

Wearing a sports watch should fit with the sport you are playing. This is why some timepieces feature water resistance, anti-scratching, and precise movement. While you do not need to use all the features, it can enhance your training routine.

Here’s how you can style your watch according to your active lifestyle!

Match With Your Colors

Colors say a lot about the sport and the athlete. If your training uniform follows a specific color scheme, find a watch with the same pattern. For example, the Seiko 5 has many matching colors with various sports in mind. If you cannot find the exact match, you can get the ones that complement your uniform. This shows that you can blend the watch with a great accessory. Remember, colors should complement the look so you can stand out.

Get The Best Water Resistance

If you are into water sports, find a watch with high water resistance. Swimming and water polo sports rely on timing and precision. If your watch cannot withstand the water’s splash, it can affect your athletic performance. A beginner’s sports watch usually has a water resistance of 10 bar. However, anything higher than that will classify as a diver’s watch. But if you prefer getting a watch with greater resistance, it can make the diving experience more worthwhile.

Choose The Right Size

Watches come in many shapes and sizes. While most sports watches are thick, they have smaller models. You can measure your wrist to determine the size of your watch. For example, a wrist measuring 6 to 7 inches should get a 38mm to 42mm diameter. Anything bigger than that follows a range of 44mm or 46mm.

However, you do not need to follow this rule by heart. Some people prefer to wear bigger watches to catch their attention. Some watch sizes come and go, but it should at least fit on your wrist.

Wear The Watch You Want

This one is a subjective rule. Since many watches are available, some prefer to wear their favorite ones. This is because it has sentimental value to them and can bring good luck. This extends beyond sports watches, as everyone has their preferences. Once you have a watch you want, it becomes easier for you to style up each day.

Wrapping Up

Styling up your sports watch is similar to wearing your favorite watch. Each timepiece has specific designs and features catered to specific sports in mind. You can get the one with high water resistance or find the one with matching colors. Sometimes, sizes make a difference. At the end of the day, it is best to wear a watch that best represents your active lifestyle.

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