How to Stay Motivated After Bad Results?

There comes a time in our lives when nothing is helpful to cheer us up. Failure at academic results is one such time. We also feel low that we didn’t fulfill our parents’ expectations or we had with ourselves. But, feelings like this are very normal and can be managed well after getting motivated. Failure is essential to face in our lives; if there would have been no failure, what joy does success bring us would mean to humans? 

If you look at our history, many historians have proved that failures are no end to the world or hopes. It is a slight hard push for one to realize where they are going wrong and how to amend the situation? 

Students also get frightened that if their marks are low in any subject, their friends and family will pass on comments that can be hurtful for them to hear. 

Not every student’s situation is the same, and unfortunately, family pressure is there one way or another. Therefore, it is the individual’s responsibility to light up their hopes again and work on the failure to convert them into success.  

The new generation is accepting modern technologies ubiquitously worldwide. The need and importance of digital tools like School LMS and ERP (ERP full form is Enterprise resource planning) have made students more dependent on themselves.

Also, there are various ways to find solutions for any problem they face while preparing for an academic exam. For example: If you have your history exams the following day and suddenly your friend has informed you about the vital section, you would probably panic as you don’t have notes for the same and the time is less for you to look at the entire event.   

One day or two days before the exams, it is not advisable for the students to make themselves learn new things. You can look at a few short notes readily available at the various running modern educational applications. It will help you grab a basic understanding of the event. You will probably write something in your paper with the basic knowledge you developed after reading online short and point-wise notes.  

Below, we are giving some suggestions for you to follow to avoid becoming demotivated after a bad result or unexpected failure. 

  • Stay calm; this is also a part of the journey to ultimate success

The feeling is failure is not pleasant at all. Still, an individual must experience it to understand what success is and what things they should not be doing again, which take them far from their ultimate target. 

  • Take a deep breath, talk. 

Talk to people who you feel the most comfortable with. Share what you are going through but never compare yourself with others. Everyone is different, and so are their journeys. Comparing yourself to other people can only make you feel more dejected, and you should not be doing it under any circumstances. 

  • Take a break

Sometimes, a break from everything becomes the best therapy you can get for yourself. Breaks are crucial for an individual’s life. It helps them focus more on their journey and understand their situations better and more effectively. Do not start studying just after you hear the results. Take some time, analyze where you went wrong, and set your routine to work on the earlier mistakes. Sometimes it is the smart work that helps and not the hard work. 


 Finally, we would like to motivate you by saying that “Nothing is impossible to learn if you understand its importance.” “Do not make yourself weak enough for the others to demoralize you when you have to charge yourself up after facing failure in any exam or result.”

With modern technologies, one can avail yourself of DIFFERENT THERAPY sessions that might help you overcome stress. You have developed by making you engaged in some games or puzzles that will help you grow academically and help you overcome the burden of failure. 

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