How to Spoof GPS Location on Phone

The Global Positioning System or GPS is a US-Owned utility that provides users with positioning, navigation, and timing (PTN) services. The GPS ability of a smartphone is crucial for location-based apps like weather or maps. The GPS is also used to provide some personalized services such as predictive traffic routing, and to build better memories in iPhone.But there are certain types when these GPS tracking apps can become a burden on you and make you feel uncomfortable.

But there are ways for you to trick the GPS feature on your device. Even though the ways are available, they are not easy, and outside help is needed for them to work. As the GPS chip present in your device is meant to be as accurate as possible, it continuously updates your position by relaying coordinates to your phone’s operating system(OS).The location on iPhone will be sent to Apple to provide more relevant recommendations, but if you switch off your GPS services, your location information will not be sent to Apple. To get around that, you have to deceive those apps into accepting false information i.e fake GPS location on iPhone.

If you search for change GPS location on my phone on Google, it will show a lot of solutions and options which may or may not work. But here we will discuss some methods that actually work while also highlighting our personal favorite because of its authenticity and security while being easy and simple to use.

However, before we do that, let us discuss the situations that urge you to Change GPS location on the phone

Why would you change the GPS location on your phone?

There could be a handful of explanations for this tendency. The most common reason for users seeking to change the GPS location on their iPhone or Android is to play a game, watch a movie, or use a service that is not accessible in their region. undoubtedly, the aforesaid issue is quite bothersome for game and movie enthusiasts. This is because they either have to wait for the movie to be available in their area or simply sacrifice their desire to ever watch it.

Even though many sites and bloggers suggest the use of a VPN, it only works occasionally. In truth, the VPNs that actually work are too expensive. On the other hand, due to the increasing number of cybersecurity attacks, websites have put in strict security measures that disallow access to VPN users.

Other reasons behind spoofing your GPS location may include a desire to escape the close watch of an obsessed friend or relative. Or you simply might feel like playing a trick on your friends and pretending to be elsewhere.

Whatever the reason is, it is clear that a need to have a tool that assists in spoofing GPS locations exists. While the internet provides a plethora of such tools (which rarely work), we present the best two options available. And amongst these, our favorite is Dr.Fone –Virtual location software.

Way-1: Use Dr.Fone-Virtual Location

Unlike other expensive and complex software, Dr.Fone is quite straightforward and user-friendly. It does not only aid you in changing your GPS location but also provides plenty of other privileges such as:

  • Transferring Whatsapp between devices
  • Backing up and restoring data across devices
  • Enabling disabled and frozen iPhones
  • Unlocking disabled iphone without passwords and much more.

Here is how you use the software:

1.First of all, download Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (iOS) software on your computer, then install and run the virtual location changer.

2.Click on “Virtual Location” from all the options and have the iPhone connected to the computer.

3.Now click on “Get Started”.


4.Select your device from shown devices

5.In the new window, your original location will be shown, if the location is not accurately shown click on the “Center on” icon in the lower right part to get the accurate location.

6.Activate the “ teleport mode “ by clicking the icon in the upper right corner. Enter the virtual location you want to teleport from the upper left corner and click on “GO”.

7.Finally, the location on your iPhone will change to the one you entered.

This is by far the most reliable and easy way to spoof or fake your GPS location on an iPhone and is our personal favorite as it is easy to use and has examples of how to perform the process step by step.

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Way 2: Fake GPS Location on Android

As compared to iPhone, spoofing GPS location on android is relatively easier and simple by using the app “ Fake GPS Location ”. Here are the steps to spoof GPS location using this app.

  1. Download the fake GPS app “ Fake GPS Location “.
  2. Open the app and tap “ Set Location “.
  3. Use the map to select a fake location on the phone
  4. After selecting a location, go to settings to draw over other apps
  5. Find the build number under settings and tap on it multiple times to activate developer options
  6. In developers options, go to “Debugging” and activate the “Allow Mock Location” option
  7. Now your phone will provide the location of the fake GPS location you have selected

Apparently, the way to fake your GPS location on an android phone is simple and relatively easy to use.


In conclusion, when you want to fake your GPS location on an iPhone, the best software to do so as per our suggestion is “Dr.Fone-Virtual Location” because of it simple easy to use style and step-by-step description along with the extra security features and the reliability that this software provides.

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