How To Prevent The Cold & Flu In Your Immediate Environment

As the cold and flu season starts to approach, you may be thinking more and more about the types of harmful toxins you are exposed to everyday and what you could do to help keep yourself and your family safe and healthy throughout the season. Although you may not be able to prevent catching the cold or flu entirely, you can help to secure your surroundings and make your immediate environment safer by taking a number of straightforward health precautions. Here’s what you should start doing as soon as you can.

Cook Up Healthy Recipes and Eliminate Unhealthy Temptations

One simple way to ward off the cold and flu is to eliminate junk foods from your diet and instead load up your plate with delicious and nutritious foods. Consuming more superfoods for cold & flu can help prevent illness and boost your immune system at the same time. To get the most out of this easy – and yummy! – strategy, be sure to:

  • Fill half your plate with fresh, nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits
  • Eat an adequate amount of whole grains and proteins
  • Avoid excessive sugars or fats in your diet
  • Consider temporarily cutting back on alcohol, caffeine and junk food

Keep Your Home Clean and Sanitize Your Personal Property

As you might have gleaned from reading through several Brillia reviews, keeping your house as clean as possible and using non-toxic cleaning products on your personal items can make a big difference in eliminating potentially disease-carrying germs. To keep your home squeaky clean and keep colds and the flu out, you could:

  • Use sanitizing wipes on countertops and other frequently touched surfaces in your home
  • Dust, vacuum and clean your home regularly to get rid of potentially unhealthy toxins
  • Wipe down groceries before putting them away
  • Avoid touching objects that have been handled by a sick person

Ramp Up Your Personal Health Efforts and Prevention Measures

Last but certainly not least, make sure to put extra effort into your personal health and flu prevention measures during cold and flu season. Even if you’re normally meticulous about personal care, now is the time to take hygiene and sanitizing to the next level. This tip can be especially helpful in preventing highly transmissible cold or flu variants. Try to:

  • Avoid biting your nails or touching your face
  • Stay away from others who are sneezing, coughing or otherwise appear to be ill
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist about getting the seasonal flu shot
  • Bring tissues, wet wipes and hand sanitizer with you when you go out
  • Focus more than usual on getting good sleep, staying hydrated and squeezing in some daily exercise

Though completely preventing the cold and flu may not be possible, you can help reduce your risk levels and keep yourself and your family healthy throughout the season by taking reasonable precautions and boosting health and safety levels in your immediate environment. Make sure to eat cleaner than usual, sanitize your home and property and ramp up personal health measures to help prevent the cold and flu in your surroundings.

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