How to Play Online Deposit Slots Using Credit

Now it will be easier to play Online Slot by utilizing the deposit feature using credit. Credit is one of the most trending methods for making deposits, moreover, almost all sim or telephone number users must have it. And there are lots of advantages that can be obtained when making a deposit using credit. Let’s know more about this interesting feature.

Nowadays online slot betting is the best choice, apart from its interesting form of play. But the possibility of winning is also quite high, don’t forget the small bet value. The presence of a deposit using credit will certainly greatly boost your performance when you want to bet for this type of slot bet.

Some of the obvious advantages include:

  1. Efficient use of the budget
  2. Avoid transaction errors such as wrong transfers and so on
  3. Relatively easier in terms of deposits
  4. It’s faster when you want to make a deposit
  5. No need to bother anymore when you don’t have funds in your Account or E-Wallet

There are still lots of other benefits, but in general you will get the advantages above when making online slot deposits with credit. In the following, we will explain further about how to make a deposit using mobile credit.

Online Slot Deposit with Credit

For those of you who really like this type of online IDN Slot bet, this will be important information, because it can be one of the best choices when you want to place a bet. The presence of this type of deposit also allows you to bet without having to worry about the funds in your account, because you only need to use the credit on the sim card. You can immediately place bets on slots or other types of games.

Make sure the Sim Card Has Sufficient Credit

Broadly speaking, making a deposit for online slots with credit will not be that much different from the type of top up via an account. Where of course you must already have a number of credits first. For example, if you want to make a deposit of IDR 50,000, it means you have to prepare at least IDR 55,000 credit just in case there are transaction fees and so on.

Meanwhile, to top up your own credit, there are lots of options, including:

  • Charging pulses to the pulse counter
  • Through E-Commerce such as Tokped or Shopee
  • Using E-wallet applications such as Dana, Ovo and so on
  • Through Mobile Banking

The amount or credit balance that you must have depends on the deposit amount. We will explain more or less the picture below in detail, but it could also be when you have sufficient credit remaining. Then the credit can be used immediately to make a deposit.

Know the Deposit Rate

Like currency exchange, credit deposits will also have their own rate or amount depending on the type of operator or your sim card. Know the credit exchange rate to the betting balance, so you can get the amount of deposit balance you want.

An example is the best online slot site that provides credit deposit rates in the following amounts:

  • Telkomsel: 80% or 0.80, for example when you deposit IDR 100,000, the balance you will get is IDR 80,000 or 100,000 x 0.80 = IDR 80,000
  • XL/Axis: with an 85% rate equivalent to 0.85 where when you make a deposit of IDR 100,000, the balance that will go into your account is IDR 85,000, the calculation is simple 100,000 x 0.85 = IDR 85,000

Knowing this rate will make it easier for you when you want to make a credit deposit to bet on various types of games. So when topping up credit, make sure it matches the nominal deposit you want to have. For example, if you want to have a balance of Rp. 160,000, – then the pulse that must be owned first is Rp. 200,000, – that’s simple, of course.

Choose a Sim Card That Really Supports

Not all sim card providers can be used for balance deposit needs when you want to play online slots. So before that you have to make sure that the SIM card that you have supports it. Some sim card providers that have supported use of credit deposits at the best Slot Gacor betting places include:

  1. XL/Axis
  2. Telkomsel

The two sim card providers may have been very widely used by everyone. Moreover, XL and Axis as well as Telkomsel are quite old providers in Indonesia. Also adjust the type of your sim card with the deposit rate, choose one that does have a higher number of rates. So that in the future you can get a larger number of balances and be able to play even more bets.

Steps to make an Online Slot Deposit Using Credit

After you are sure that you have fulfilled some of the points above, you can immediately make an online slot deposit using credit. Make sure to follow each of these steps properly, so that there are no mistakes when making a transaction. It should be noted that each provider has different steps. So listen carefully, here’s how.

Deposit with XL credit : to make a deposit with XL or Axis provider types, you can follow these steps, namely opening an SMS, then entering the number 168 as the destination. Then fill in the SMS format with BAGI (Destination Number) for the nominal deposit or credit that will be sent.

Then after that there will be a confirmation SMS from XL/Axis, you just reply with Y and all transactions will be completed. Don’t forget to confirm in the transaction section by filling in the deposit amount and additional details. So that all transactions will be directly processed by the dealer.

Deposit using Telkomsel Credit : while for the type of Telkomsel provider you are required to press *858*Destination number (bookie)*Nominal Deposit or Credit Transfer# continue by pressing YES. Wait for the transaction to complete, don’t forget to take a screenshot as proof of the transaction.

Then proceed with further confirmation to the customer service regarding deposit transactions using credit. By filling in the details of your cellphone number, nominal credit and several other details.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Depositing Via Credit to Bet

Every transaction or choice will definitely have advantages and disadvantages, you need to know that so you can choose the exact deposit option you want to choose.

The advantage

Choosing to Slot Online Pulsa via credit will obviously provide a huge advantage. The first is that you no longer need to bother making transactions via ATMs or e-wallets. Just use the existing credit balance, you can immediately make a deposit.

Then also the amount you want to put in your account balance is more controlled. Given that the pulse checking system is faster than the others. So you can immediately determine how much to use or save.

Finally, of course, the deposit with the credit option is the best choice. Remembering to maintain the sim card so that it is always on you need to top up credit. If later the credit that you have loaded into the sim card is not used, you can immediately use it for a deposit. Without having to disturb the balance or other nominal money in your e-wallet and account.


Of course the option to make a slot deposit using credit also has its drawbacks. One of them is because you have to buy credit first. Or have a nominal credit on the sim card. Sometimes you may have to make a transaction twice to be able to make a deposit, such as first topping up credit before making a deposit.

Reasons for Choosing a Deposit Via Credit

Questions like why you have to make a deposit via credit will definitely cross your mind. The answer is of course you can choose it because it is a simple transaction option and makes it easier when you want to make a deposit to bet.

Furthermore, in terms of security, using a credit deposit is more secure. Because everything is done in secret where you send credit to the dealer, without going through the bank. Even when you want to make a withdrawal you still need a bank account.

Does Using the Deposit Option with Credit Affect the Game?

Of course this option will clearly affect the game or bet that is made. Maybe so far you have often run out of personal funds because of betting, or the balance in your account has been used up for betting. This is due to your loss of control in using funds.

Now you can top it by making a credit deposit. Where you only bet on that number of pulses and will not use funds that you will actually use for other purposes. In general, it can be a start for a better betting game.

The term is self-control, so if you start to become aware of the number of benefits offered by this credit deposit method. You can immediately try it on the next deposit transaction on the best online slot website.

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