How to Play 3 Lottery Wins Easily

Not everyone is lucky to win the lottery. There are still a lot of options and fun with just a low investment and a decent return on investment. Playing the 3-digit lottery, whether it’s buying the lottery or the top-bottom 3 lottery, is one such option. Available in all draws and can be played all year round. You can choose to buy both the last 3 numbers, the front 3 and the back. There are a total of 2 prizes, 4,000 baht per prize.

Play the 3 lottery tickets easily.

Lottery 3 is an easy game to play. The first step in playing is to buy the lottery first. In this case, it is called Government Lottery, 1 lottery ticket, purchased from an authorized lottery retailer.

In a lottery or lotteries, each panel has a series of numbers from 01 to 99. In the lottery there are 6 digits randomly drawn from 0 to 9 :

Lottery players can choose to buy themselves as they want, which numbers they want. You can either pick the lottery numbers yourself or have the seller randomly select the lottery numbers for you.

Then just wait to win the results of the government lottery, which will be drawn on the 1st and 16th of the month in the category of the last 3 digits, the first and the last 3 digits, divided into the following wins:

Front 3 numbers: This prize is a palace in the lottery that has been added to give buyers more chances to win prizes, so there is a chance to win 2 prizes of 4,000 baht each.

The last 3 numbers: This prize is a palace in the lottery that has been added to give the buyer a chance to win more prizes, so with a chance to win 2 prizes of 4,000 baht each, just changing from the next 3 numbers to win is the last 3 digits

3 numbers after Teng: is another form of gambling With lottery betting based on government lottery prizes, it is to bet 3 numbers to match the price of the last number of the 1st prize directly to receive the prize.

3 numbers after Tod: a form of buying lottery that is popular and has an easy chance to win prizes, is to Itobet 3 numbers with complete numbers in the prize, the last number of the 1st prize, can switch positions, get 3 numbers to get the prize

An important trick is to choose the amount you want to play. You have to pay different amounts for different play types, the amount you pay ranges from 50 baht to 100 baht.

Choose a good time to buy. 

The number of draws and times vary from state to state. Bang Hong will have a locked lottery, making it impossible to buy. So if you get a lucky number, but you can’t buy it or the dealer doesn’t accept, it’s useless

How to choose numbers to increase your chances of winning the lottery

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. To win the lottery, you need to know the lotteries you are playing and how the numbers work to your advantage. It’s a one-in-a-million chance to win the lottery and a little knowledge can come in handy. There is no guaranteed method that you can follow to win the lottery.

Lottery numbers are random, but there are ways to randomize them. Algorithm hacking is almost impossible. In order to win the lottery, you can at least know in what format these lottery tickets follow. If you are a regular lottery winner, it may be helpful for you to pay attention to the pattern. There are many types of lottery tickets available today. It may be different during the lottery or lto between each lottery or lottery. 

Once you’ve decided to try your luck, there are a few things that might guide you in your quest for lottery prizes. These strategies are based on math and logic. But this is not a foolproof method and there is no way you can be sure of winning the lottery using these strategies.

Choose numbers wisely

Here are some strategies used for picking lottery numbers that may give you an edge in winning the lottery.

Keep statistics and track rewards.

Tracing is a method that uses the frequency of each number drawn over a period of time. The numbers that are drawn more often are “hot” numbers, and those that are rarely drawn are “cold” numbers. Different people use different logic after studying this pattern. Some people choose lottery numbers that are mostly on the list of popular numbers because they are drawn most often.

While other players Play with interesting numbers as they think these numbers are more likely to be drawn as they are not sometimes removed. And some people choose lottery numbers that belong to both hot and cold items because they want cash from both probabilities.


Random is not a system to help pick lottery numbers. Instead, aim to use all the numbers you have available in your best interest. What happens here is that you build a master list of your best options and play in different combinations. If the numbers on your list contain all or part of the winning numbers, then the prize is guaranteed.

Combine the money and share the numbers.

Pooling your money is the best way to make the most of what you spend. Bundles are where you join other players and use all the money you collect to buy lottery tickets. 


Lottery 3 is another easy way to play right. And it should be easier than winning the first prize, but the important point is to try to buy the desired numbers first. or if it is a lottery purchase, you should check the numbers as well Is it closed for bets?

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