How to Perform a Successful Home Inspection Before Moving in

Hyderabad, ‘The City of Nizams’, is a perfect fusion of ancient and modern architectural style. This city has a good scope for career growth with a pleasant climate and affordable living cost. Before moving into a new home here make sure you prepare a checklist and do a thorough inspection of your new house like the electric wiring, cracks in walls, leak doors locks, etc.

Once you successfully conduct your home inspection and you are done with all the necessary repairs, you are ready to move in there. To make your relocation smooth and stress-free, make sure you hire professional movers and packers Ahmedabad, as they offer end-to-end home shifting services at affordable rates. You can Continue reading here to get more info about it.

Home Inspection Checklist

  1. Room Size: Check the room’s length, breadth, height, carpet space, and total square feet in the room to give you a fair idea about how you will place the furniture and the available empty space after arranging the room, etc.
  2. Cracks in Walls and Ceilings: While inspecting your new home, don’t forget to check the crack on walls and ceilings, as repairing this after moving in will be a headache. To avoid this, carefully check the walls and ceilings throughout the house for cracks as some of them may not be visible. If you spot any cracks, get the required repairs done before you shift there.
  3. Doors and Windows: Before you buy or move to a new home you must check the doors and windows of the home, as it’s a matter of your safety. So make sure you check the hinge, latches, main door lock, hooks of windows, and if they open and close properly, etc., and do the necessary repairs. Also, make sure the wood is not decayed or having any cracks on it.
  4. Stairs, Balcony & Railings: If you are moving to a duplex home or a house on the first floor or above, then definitely there will be staircases and balconies in your place. To ensure the safety of your family members and kids, make sure you check the durability of the railings in the staircases and balconies.
  5. HVAC System Check: The HVAC system wasn’t common till a few years ago, but now most homes come with pre-installed HVAC systems as it improves indoor air quality. Check if both the heating and cooling system are working efficiently.
  6. Electrical System: Check the electric wiring of your entire home and change them if it’s too old, as these old wiring, fuse, electrical earthing, phase switches, circuit breakers, etc., can lead to short circuits, electric shocks. Don’t forget to check and make sure the main panel, switchboards, sockets, fan, light, and other fixtures are in good condition. Also, check if there are an adequate number of 3 pin sockets in every room.
  7. Leaks and Seepage of Water: One of the essential points to add to your home inspection checklist is to inspect for leaks and seepage of water that may have been caused due to rain, bathroom on the top floor, etc. These water leakages will cause damp spots on the walls and lead to serious issues later.
  8. Plumbing: Check for plumbing issues like pipe leakage, drainage clogs or partial clogging, faulty taps & faucets, worn-out hose bibb, washbasin & sink repair, valves repairs, pipework replacement, drain line repairs, etc., and get the repairs done before moving in to ensure you and your family have a safe and hygienic environment at your new place.
  9. Interiors: Interiors are mainly concerned with the condition of flooring, walls, ceiling, woodworks, furniture (if you are moving to a fully furnished home), and other such things. Check and make sure the walls, ceilings don’t have cracks, and the tiles are in good condition, etc., and also check the firmness of stairs, balconies, and railings.
  10. Kitchen: This is the place where your family’s health begins, so it must be hygienic; make sure the kitchen is clean and there is no oil grease, stains, or any other dirt and grime on the kitchen walls or floor. Also, check if the kitchen platform, cabinet drawers, laminations, exhaust fan/ chimney, etc., are in usable condition, and clean or replace them. Don’t forget to check if there is adequate water flow in the kitchen sink.

Home is a place where you feel comfortable and finally relax after a hectic day. Before moving to your new house, make sure you conduct a complete inspection of your home and check the electrical system, flooring, leaks and seepages, cracks on walls, etc. Once you thoroughly inspect your home and are done with all the necessary repair and cleaning work, you are ready to move in there. At this stage, hire professional packers and movers Surat to enjoy stress-free home shifting as the movers will take care of your move completely. Look forward to sipping the famous Iranian chai and plan your new home design layout.

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