How to Make a Throw Pillow

The first step to make your own custom acrylic pins is to choose a design and a photo. Be sure to make the photo the same size as the pillow insert. You can attach the finished pillow to a bed or couch using decorative piping. If you would like to include piping, use a needle and thread.

Sew piping into a project

To sew piping into a custom throw pillow, begin by placing the piping on the right side of the fabric. Place the needle right beside the piping and carefully stitch around the edge, not into the seam. This will ensure that the piping is secure and doesn’t shift during sewing.

Next, measure the pillow form’s dimensions, plus 1/2-inch seam allowance on all sides. A pillow form should measure about 17 x 17 inches, that can easily fit into a 22×22 pillow case. Once you’ve measured the form, cut the fabric into front and back pieces. Next, cut the piping according to its diameter and length, two inches wide by as long as the pillow form. You can sew the ends together to form a continuous piece.

Sew the piping onto the pillow front, leaving at least two inches free for the head. Make sure that the piping flange/lip fits flush with the pillow fabric. You can use pins to keep the piping in place, but don’t pin it all the way around. Once you’ve secured the piping, baste it into place.

The piping is cut on the bias, which requires a bit more sewing than sewing straight across the fabric. It will also bend nicely at the corners. Using a bias-cutting mat or quilting ruler can be useful for this project. It’s also possible to use a school ruler if you don’t have a quilting ruler.

After placing the piping on the fabric, sew the cushion fabric to it. Use a matching thread for the piping.

Attach a photo pillow to a couch

Attaching a photo pillow to a couch is a simple way to display a personal memory. You can purchase a high-quality photo canvas and choose from a wide range of sizes. They are also available in different designs. A photo cushion is a great way to display a family photo and show off your personality.

The process is simple, and most products are made to order within five to seven days. Custom-designed pillows can make any room look more attractive, and they support blood circulation. Many people find these pillows to be very comfortable. They also come with removable covers, which means you can change them whenever you like.

Depending on the size of the custom acrylic pins you want, they can also be customized with custom-printed designs. Custom-designed pillows are available in square or curved shapes and are available with a five-piece minimum order. Custom-made pillows are also available with zippers and pillow protectors, so you can customize them according to your needs.

Besides these custom-made pillows, Vograce also supplies several types of pillows. They have square and shaped pillows, as well as body pillows. All these custom-made pillows are made of premium materials. They come with a money-back guarantee, as well as free shipping and custom pillowcases. They also have a large selection of fabrics for the custom-made pillows, including natural and luxurious poly. These materials provide a soft touch and sharp reproduction of print.

Attach a photo pillow to a bed

Attaching a photo pillow to your bed can be a wonderful way to remember your favorite memories. You can get one of these custom-made pillows with a design of your choice or any picture you want. Some companies even offer these with monograms so that you can have your first name and last name embroidered on them.

To attach a photo pillow to your bed, you should first select a picture you would like to use. You can use a picture of yourself or a favorite pet. You can also give a photo pillow as a gift. The process of creating a custom photo pillow can be fun and enjoyable.

Photo pillows are also popular as accent pillows for living rooms. Most people already have a color scheme in mind for their couch or sofa, but they still want to add a splash of color with a bright photo pillow. Choosing a design that stands out from the rest of the room can be a great way to make the room seem more vibrant and colorful.

Wash a photo pillow

Using a photo editing software can help you create a custom photo pillow. Make sure that you use the right size for the pillow and upload the right amount of photos. You can also add borders, text, and designs to make your pillow unique. Another option is to cut out different photos and arrange them in different shapes. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can upload it to a single image layout.

Ideally, your photo should be as large as the pillow insert. This way, the photo will look as nice as it does on the pillow. To make sure the pillow will fit properly, you should first print the photo at a size equal to the pillow insert. If you use a larger image, you may want to crop the image.

Next, you must hem the edge of the fabric, which will be the back. After that, you need to turn the edge under about 1/4 inch or 3/4 inch. Then, sew the edges together using a needle and thread. You can even use a sewing machine for this step if you wish.


Choosing the right pillow for your home is an important part of decorating. Not only are you enhancing the room with your pillow, but you can add a personal touch to the decor by choosing the material that matches the rest of the room. Whether you want something for your bedroom or an entire living room, there is a perfect pillow for your needs.

Custom throw pillows add flair to your home and are extremely affordable. They are made of two-way material, and some can have silk thread tassels. There are many shapes and materials for custom pillows, including velvet. These pillows can be made in different colors, or you can select from a wide variety of colors.

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