How To Know If You Are Having Neck Injuries

Neck pain is a common problem affecting over 70% of the adult population in the United States. Due to the flexibility and complexity of your neck structure, it is vulnerable to minor and major injuries. Whether working in your sedentary desk job or looking down at your computer for more extended hours, neck pain is unsurprisingly common. Severe neck pain can make it challenging or impossible for you to carry on with your daily duties. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with the problem since the neck pain Red Bank treatments will eliminate your pain in totality. However, tracking down the origin of neck pain and whether there is any injury can be difficult. To help you out, a board-certified physician highlights the five key symptoms that prove you might be having neck injuries. Let’s dive in:

1. Experiencing general stiffness

Stiffness is a typical symptom of numerous neck injuries. Even if it’s a minor strain or a whiplash, your neck might experience some stiffness. Although neck stiffness can be stabilized by putting on ice and doing some stretches, the symptom can call for severe injuries. Talk to your physician if the stiffness deteriorates for professional guidance.

2.  Decreased range of motion

In the point general stiffness persists, it can result in less range of motion, proving that there are injuries in your neck. If you notice some complication or sharp pains while tilting your neck, you’ve lost range of motion. The situation often occurs after strains and sprains, but it isn’t a call for alarm since the problem recedes within a few days. Nevertheless, if the condition worsens for a long time, seek expert help, as it can be a severe injury.

3. Continuous headaches and dizziness

If your head is abruptly snapped in the back or forward with a quick force, it results in whiplash. This is the condition where your muscles and ligaments stretch past their usual range of motion. Similarly, if you extend your neck backward beyond its actual limit, you might experience hyperextension, which can cause neck injuries. Severe headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision are typical signs of whiplash. You may also experience throbbing and stiffness in the affected area.

4. Tingling and numbness in the limbs

It is one of the concerning symptoms of neck injuries. First, you will experience a numbing sensation or a needle-like feeling in your arms or legs. Since the neck is part of the skeletal system, any injury affects your spine and, more specifically, your arms and feet. If you experience this symptom, seek direct medical help as the condition proves to be in its severe stages.

5. Muscle strains and sprains

A hard fall or a sudden jolt in your neck can bring about fraught ligaments and muscles in your neck. If you feel any sharp pain when you stretch muscles near your neck, chances are high that you have a neck injury. Back head headaches and decreased neck motion range are signs of strain and sprain.

What to do if you experience neck pain

Do not ignore any slight neck pain, as it can result in severe problems that can further cause damage. Dr. Ben-Meir at Downtown Pain Management will carefully assess your neck condition and offer advanced treatment professionally. The treatments offered by Dr. Ben-Meir are effective and yield fast results with time.

Is neck pain influencing your quality of life? Contact Downtown Pain Management in Red Bank and Hoboken, New Jersey, for your individualized treatment today!

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