How to Keep Your Valuables Safe During a Move

If you are anticipating an upcoming move, it can be a very exciting time. You might be moving to a whole new city with new a job for you and a new school for the kids. While this could be an exciting time, moving can also be stressful. From packing to planning to relocating, many moving parts can require a lot of careful consideration. The entire process could be mentally, physically, and emotionally stressful.

With over 35 million Americans moving each year, you aren’t alone in feeling any of these things if you are moving. One of the things that people stress out about during a move is protecting and keeping track of valuables like jewelry, electronics, and documents. When you get into your new home, you want to make sure that all of your things have come with you. To help you alleviate some of the stress, let’s take a look at how you can keep your valuables safe during a move.

Take Inventory

One of the things that many people worry about during a move is keeping track of their valuable jewelry. Items such as necklaces, bracelets, and engagement rings can be tough to keep track of during a big move. If something is of particular sentimental or monetary value, you might consider keeping this jewelry with you during the move. If that isn’t possible, you will want to pack the items carefully in a specialty box and create an inventory kendra-karter.

To ensure that your necklace or bracelet stays safe, make a list and take photos of your valuables. Aside from your jewelry, you will want to do this with all of the items that are of particular value to you. Making an inventory and taking photos will help you document their original state before your move. It will also help you locate them quickly after your move as you will have carefully documented the exact container that they are in. If something does happen, an inventory will also help you make an insurance claim. An inventory can help you have a great experience when you move.

Consider a Storage Unit

Before you move, you might consider renting a storage facility for a short time. A self-storage facility could be a great place to store your valuable items during the chaos of packing and moving. If you are moving to Fort Worth, for instance, you can find a storage unit in Fort Worth and move any items that you are concerned about into the unit ahead of the move. Finding a storage solution for your valuable items will ensure that you are in control and know exactly where your stuff is when settling into your new home.

Focus on Your Boxes

In anticipation of a move, many people go to the grocery stores or liquor stores and look for discarded boxes. Instead of using discarded boxes, however, you might consider buying specialty boxes for valuable items. You don’t want to toss your electronics, documents, and or expensive bracelets or diamond necklace into a previously used fruit box.

Moving companies, storage facilities, and home improvement stores sell boxes designed to safely transport televisions, expensive china, and other valuables. There are even services that allow you to rent boxes for your move. Focus on your boxes and spend a little more money on specialty containers to keep your valuables safe.

Track Your Belongings

Another thing to consider when moving your valuables is to track your boxes. You can place an inexpensive digital tracking device in boxes containing your valuable items. This will help you monitor your belongings with your phone or other devices during your move. This could be especially important if you are using a moving company. Make sure to do some research before purchasing a device, to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. Some devices will show you where the box ends up while others will allow for tracking in real-time.

Planning and preparing for a move can be an exciting and stressful time period. Worrying about valuable items such as your jewelry, electronics, and documents, however, doesn’t have to add to your stress. You can make an inventory of your items, pack them in really secure boxes and track the boxes to help you alleviate the worry. You could also consider renting a small self-storage space to put your items away until your move is complete. There are several things that you can do to ensure that your valuable items are safe during your move.

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