How To Get Music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Other Major Streaming Platforms (2022) 

The music distribution process gives the chance to sell your music online on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and even social media networks like TokTok and Instagram. You can even choose to sell vinyl records in physical record stores.

How do music distribution companies work?

Digital music distribution is simple. Distribution deals help to get your melodies before worldwide fans without compromising on ownership. In these distribution deals, independent artists are charged for manufacturing album costs or distribution-related charges. Some distribution deals include sales, promotion, and marketing as an add-on!

The music distributors ensure that your songs are digitally coded before they get your music on Spotify, Amazon Music, or any other digital service platforms across the world. Royalties are collected and you get paid. Artists pay for recording, public relations, marketing, and more to gain popularity. Independent artists are making more money with music aggregators than they would with record labels.

Digital distribution is possible because of online music distributor or digital aggregator. They help to get your songs on digital music stores and streaming platforms. The aggregator ships your music to chosen streaming sites.

MusicDigi is a music aggregator that offers services like –

  • Earning reports
  • Royalty payouts
  • Register UPC & ISRC codes for free
  • Run DRM checks
  • Submit Metadata

Every music aggregator differs. Independent artists need to use digital distribution services for uploading their music online. Without digital distributors, there is no other way to sell songs on iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon Music. Some digital aggregators offer free services to get your songs on streaming services or stores, while others charge. The bright side is that every music distribution company has contacts with more than 150 stores! They are the middle man between top streaming platforms and artists.

Why is there a need for a Music Distribution Company?

As an artist, you can easily get your music on TikTok, Spotify, or iTunes preparing it the way you would upload on YouTube. Nevertheless, releasing music is complicated. There is a need to keep track of the streaming data and collect royalty. So, every artist needs to choose a digital music distribution company to distribute their songs the right way.

Digital music aggregators mirror the sound files and metadata [title, cover art, right holders, songwriters, etc.] to different streaming services. They act as a platform that collects streaming data and royalty payouts. It means uploading a single release and it automatically gets submitted to every digital store or streaming platform you want it in a single click.

You can sell your music on Amazon because it is a music store with 2+ million songs. Apple Music gives access to 50+ million songs. Spotify is also music, video, and podcast streaming service offering songs in millions from worldwide artists. Ensure where your potential fans spend time and choose the streaming platforms and crucial music stores. The releases can reach your audience within a week or on the day you scheduled them.

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