How to Get a Fake Diploma from Canada and USA


Nowadays, fake diplomas play a very important role in many people’s lives, especially if they seek a good job. If you want to make your job stable, you must need a school and college diploma. 

Besides this, your employees and employers respect you more if you have a diploma with good grades. Your grade and diploma help you to put a great impression on them.

If you want to get more praise or get a good job, you need a diploma. Nowadays, people pay a heavy amount for buying fake certificates to make their lives more luxurious and fulfill their desire in life. But you need to be careful in the selection of fake college degree makers.

But for getting a fake diploma, you only need to find out the best company like idgod that will provide you with a fake certificate, just by taking their fixed charges.

How to Get a Fake Diploma from a Real University?

If you want to get a fake USA diploma or buy a Canadian certificate for any purpose, you should follow a list of steps on how you can buy a fake diploma online.

1. Find a Fake Diploma Maker:

In the first step, you need to search a lot about fake diploma-making websites on the internet. Once you find the right one that helps you by providing a fake diploma or different fake degrees of varying levels at reasonable rates, visit various websites and their rates before deciding. Never forget to check out their samples.

2. Select a Custom-made Template or Submit a Design:

If you select a good website for buying a fake diploma, they provide you with a different option; either you can choose a custom design for a real diploma or a perfect match diploma. You can choose any of them.

Once you have selected the design and the university’s name, you send the required information to the chosen company.

In the end, you can get the desired diploma for yourself, which looks real.

3. Order for a Fake Degree Certificate:

Once you are sure which type of degree you want, specify the design for a particular degree.

Then specify the type of degree you want to apply for, a master’s degree or bachelors from a real university.

After selecting the particular university, you need to fill in the required information necessary for the degree. The information may include student name, degree type, major subject, date of graduation, GPA, etc.

Types of Fake University Degrees

Before you want to buy a fake diploma from a real university, you need to carefully understand the university terms and policies. 

Here is the list of some fake degree course

Associate Degree:

If you want to buy a fake degree in a different associate degree from a real university in the USA and Canada, some courses are mentioned below.

  • Associates degree in Arts
  • Associates degree in Science
  • Associates degree in Applied Arts
  • Associates degree in Applied Science

Bachelor’s Degree:

Master’s Degree:

  • You can also get a fake degree for masters

Ph.D. OR J.D.:

Many universities in Canada and the USA can provide you with high-quality ph.d or j.d degrees for you at reasonable rates. Which helps you get your desired jobs and enables you to fulfill your business goals related to different jobs.


 Fake diplomas are very important for every person, especially if they lost their actual degree or certificate in any accidental case. You can easily order and get your fake diploma from different companies online by paying their required charges.

These companies promise you that they provide you with high-quality fake diplomas and degrees for any use, like for job purposes or admission to higher studies. The quality of the product is very fine, so it becomes difficult for any people to make a difference between that whether the document is real or fake. You can select any site for your work, but always choose an authenticated site and not a fake. 

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