How to Find the Best Recruitment Software?

Finding a recruitment software system requires research. It takes even more time and effort if you are searching for the ‘best recruitment software’. The smartest way to go about it is understanding that you need a recruitment agency software that is suitable for your business needs. Note that a CRM system can be highly acclaimed in the market but might actually not be suitable for your business.

1. Market research

Everyone starts with market research. Make a quick search and prepare a list of the top recruitment CRMs available today. You can also rely on asking your friends in the industry about the software they are currently using. Next, it is time for a more intensive look at each product. Be granular in your research at this stage because it is important to understand how the software will fit and benefit your agency. Not every CRM feature will be essential for your business. Yet, even those features that are beneficial might need some careful observation. Go back and conduct another level of search. This time, check out even the software suppliers who are not at the top. Remember that being a market leader does not automatically mean they will be fit for you.

2. Product demos

Once you have shortlisted the most suitable recruitment CRM systems, schedule your product demos. Live demonstrations are the best way to check for the suitability of a product. It provides a real-time and intimate look at what the software offers versus your agency’s needs. Demos are a great opportunity to bring forth your questions and doubts to the salesperson. No question is too small or insignificant. Most demos are conducted online so you can quickly get a couple of colleagues to sit through them with you. This helps bring diverse perspectives to the forefront and makes it easier to share ideas. If you are not sure about the product, book another demo.

  1. Testimonials and reviews

Do not skip this step. Client testimonials are a good way to assess what the software vendor is doing right. Happy clients will write detailed reviews about what makes the recruitment software a great choice for them. Check if their business is similar to yours to recognise how well the software could fulfil your needs. Software vendors will be pleased to send customer testimonials over to you. Conversely, you must also look up reviews on your own. Public reviews platforms like Trustpilot host objective reviews by users. Look at what kind of reviews are up for the software of your choice. Objective good reviews are a great indicator of a good company. But negative reviews do not necessarily have to indicate bad product and service. Observe how the software supplier is managing bad reviews and if they are willing to address and grow from them.

These are just the three major steps you must take to find the best recruitment software for you and your agency. Buying CRM requires careful research and planning. This is because a recruitment CRM supplier is a partner who will help you achieve your business goals.

An often forgotten facet of recruitment platform search is the quality of services and support customers can expect. A partnership can only thrive if the customer continues to remain satisfied with both the product and the service. Therefore, your research must include the after-care that a supplier provides its clients.

So, keep the long-term partnership aspect in mind when searching for a recruiting platform. It can be costly to switch your software supplier not just in terms of the money you invest in the software but the time and effort you need to invest again in the search.

The aforementioned three steps to finding a good recruitment CRM are the major and obvious steps. If you are a key decision-maker for this project then it is necessary to devote a good chunk of your time to find a suitable software partner.

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