How to Find Gifts for Couples That Both Partners Can Enjoy

So you are looking for gifts for couples that both partners can enjoy? Maybe you are having a tough time finding gifts for a couple friends of yours. Either way, figuring out what gifts will be best, is hard work. You want something of quality that shows how much you care. Some easy ways of how to figure out gifts for couples that both partners can enjoy include; ask the couple separately about things each one is interested in, making it personalized, getting them an upscale version of an item they own (i.e., better coffee maker), scour their social media accounts (Pinterest especially), etc.

1. Ask the Couple Differently about what they Each Like

This is a simple way of how to find gifts that both partners will enjoy. Ask them each specifically about their interests and what they like. If one likes cooking, look for gifts such as nice cookware or subscription boxes with kitchen gifts.

2. Personalize the Gift

This is by far the best way to give gifts that couples will love! Make it personalized, so you know they will use whatever the gift is meant for and remember you by it. Try looking up gifts by asking either partner about things they want and need and then create your custom gifts based on these ideas and needs. For example, if one person mentions that they really need a new wallet or purse, get them a luxurious leather wallet or purse that fits into this same theme (i.e., get a purse or wallet in brown leather and engrave their name on it).

3. Get an Upscale Version of Something they already have

This is also another good way to find gifts for couples that they will enjoy and appreciate, especially if they do not ask for gifts (or buy gifts) themselves. Look at items they already own and get them an upscale version of the same item. For example, if one owns a standard coffee maker, get them a more upgraded yet equally functional coffee maker.

4. Scour their Social Media Accounts

This can be very helpful when trying to figure out gifts for couples that both partners will like. Look on Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media accounts to see what gifts they have pinned or posted about. If you see something that both partners seem to like, look for a gift in this item and theme and create your own personalized gifts to enhance their items e.g. watches, bracelets, or phones

5. Ask the Couples about their Plans

This is another simple method for learning gifts for couples that they will enjoy. Where are they going over the holidays? What places or things do they want to see while spending time with each other? Use this information to get gifts that fit into their interests and help them get ready to visit new places (such as a guidebook, map, or cooler).

There’s no better way to show someone how much you care than taking time out of your day just to think about them and gifting them with something. If you follow the above tips, gifting couples will be an easy task.

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