How to Enable Scroll Tracking in WordPress With Google Analytics

Finding out how many posts a user has read is quite simple. You can pinpoint the exact part of your website where they lost interest. This information is valuable for modifying specific sections of your website, making them more engaging and keeping your audience interested until the end. It also helps in deciding where to strategically place sign-up forms or call-to-action buttons.

Google Analytics can assist you in tracking the scrolling behavior of your users on your site. Scroll tracking is disabled by default in Google Analytics, but you can easily set it up with just a few simple clicks. Let’s get started.

What is Scroll Tracking?

Scroll tracking is a valuable tool that enables you to monitor how far your website visitors scroll down a page. This information is crucial for gaining insights into the user experience and understanding how your audience interacts with your website content. By analyzing scroll data, including percentages, directions, and trigger points, you can make informed decisions to enhance user experiences and potentially increase conversion rates. Scroll tracking works by creating event tags that capture this valuable information as visitors navigate down your web page.

Google Analytics Scroll Tracking Made Easy in WordPress

To enable scroll tracking on your WordPress website, you can use a plugin called MonsterInsights, which is widely recognized as the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. This plugin simplifies the process of monitoring your website’s performance by providing real-time statistics directly on your dashboard. With MonsterInsights, you can track various user interactions, such as eCommerce transactions, affiliate link clicks, file downloads, author tracking, and SEO scores.

The plugin offers comprehensive reports, including details on sessions, pageviews, age, gender, and device information. It also includes a default scroll-depth tracker, allowing you to see detailed reports on how far users scrolled down your site. Additionally, MonsterInsights enables you to track URLs and create UTM codes on your WordPress website.

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