How to Do Hand-Poked Tattoos

Hand-poked tattoos, also known as Stick & Poke or Handpoke, are a method of tattooing that does not require a tattoo machine. This method is called hand-poked because it uses a sharp point and ink. Then, you puncture the skin with the ink repeatedly and drag the ink into your dermis to create desired patterns.

This technique isn’t new. In fact, it’s one of the oldest forms of tattooing. It continues to be used today in both tribal and ancient ritual traditions.

This should only be done by skilled artists. However, it is easy to do and many people can do it themselves.

What Is the Difference Between Hand Poked and Regular Tattoos?

Stick-and-poke tattooing is less painful than traditional machine tattooing and heals faster. This is because the number of needles used by stick and poke is much less than the 5 to 9 required for machine tattooing. Machine tattooing can use more than 20 needles depending on the job. Hand tattoos require less aftercare and leave fewer scabs than machine tattoos.

There are also differences in how often the ink is used to penetrate the skin. Modern machines can penetrate the skin up to 3000 times per minute. A human hand cannot even match that speed. However, it doesn’t mean that tattoos made by hand will look better or worse. That all depends on the skill of the artist.

Do You Need Additional Skills?

It is very similar. You must know how to tattoo, use safe tools and apply ink to the skin. If you are looking to become a specialist in hand poke, you will need to be able to do some things differently (e.g., coloring, large areas or straight lines, as well as long pieces). However, the technique can also give you other strengths.

Can You Get Colored Hand Poke Tattoos?

You can also get colored tattoos by hand-poking. You can choose any color you like and color your tattoo using that color. You don’t have to use one needle when hand poking.

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