How to Design Custom Tote Bags at Home?

Designing custom tote bags at home can let you add a personal touch to your style statement easily. However, learning how to design your own custom tote bags at home can add more fun to the process. Designing custom tote bags at home is a straightforward and rewarding home project. You will surely enjoy doing this once you get to know how to do it effectively.

However, here we will let you learn how to design your own custom tote bags at home without any hassle.

So, here we go:

Things you need

So, here is the list of everything you need in this process:

  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • A plain canvas tote,
  • Transfer paper sheets
  • Design to create on the tote bag
  • Wooden block for support

Instructions to follow

Here are steps you need to follow to design your custom tote bags at home:

Print your design

Firstly, you need to get a design that you want to create on your custom tote bags. For that, you can easily make a simple Google Search and download your preferred image. Once you got your design, simply get that printed on transfer paper sheets. Ensure to flip the image horizontally, if it’s vertical to get a perfect print.

Otherwise, the print on your tote bag will be a mirror image and your entire hard work will be just a waste.

Transfer that on your tote bag

Put your canvas tote bag on the wooden surface for support. Placing your bag on a flat surface is important to avoid misprinting. Put the design face down on your tote bag. Then, start ironing the design onto the bag.

Ensure to start from the edges and move the iron towards the center.

Remember the time required to transfer print on your tote bag varies. For the best guidance in this regard, you must read the instructions given on the packet of transfer paper you are using. It is because these will let you have a better idea about the things in this regard.

Peel off the paper

Once the design has printed on your custom tote bag properly. Now let it sit here for a few minutes. So, the design can get cool. Now start peeling off your backing slowly from your transfer paper.

Get the final product ready

Once you have removed the paper from your transfer paper completely. Now, you can easily see the result of the custom tote bags design you created at home. This will surely surprise you.

Final thoughts

Creating multiple unique tote bags at home is now super easy and fun. You can easily transform your standard canvas tote bags into something more amazing and creative with ease. For this, you just need to keep using your favorite images to transfer on your tote bag. Consequently, you can create your own collection of custom tote bags at home without breaking your money pocket.

Even more, you can also try different designs on different colored and sized tote bags as well.

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