How to Create a High Converting Online Course Sales Page?

You’ve created an online course. It’s well-made and full of useful information, and you’re happy with it. One problem, though: no one is buying it. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy making a product that will help people, but it doesn’t seem to be selling well. Don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one. It is a common problem for people who make online courses.

There are ways to fix it, which is good news. With a few easy changes to your sales page, you can make it into best online course sales page examples In this article, we’ll talk about how to make a sales page for an online course that gets a lot of sales. We will talk about everything you need to know to start selling more courses, from the headline to the call to action.

Ways to Optimize Your Online Course Sales Page

The headline

The headline is the most important part of your sales page for your course, so you should take some time to make sure it works well. Here are some suggestions:

1. Keep it short and to the point

Your headline should be clear and to the point, and it should tell people a lot about your course.

  1. Use keywords

Make sure your headline has relevant keywords so that people can find your course easily when they search online.

  1. Make it attention-grabbing

People should want to click through to your sales page if your headline is interesting and draws their attention.

  1. Test different headlines

Don’t just go with the first headline you think of. Try a few different ones and see which one gets the most clicks.

The subheadings

If you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your online course sales page, there are a few key things you can do. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Make sure your subheadings are clear and concise

They should be clear and easy to read, and they should tell the reader what each section is about.

  1. The copy

The copy on your sales page is important for two reasons. First, it needs to be convincing enough to get someone to buy your course. Second, it needs to be free of typos and grammatical mistakes.

  1. The design 

A well-designed sales page will help improve the overall look and feel of your site, making it more professional and trustworthy. A good design can also help draw attention to important information and make it easier for people to find their way around your page.

The images

When you are thinking about best online course sales page examples you will find that image is an important part of it. After all, a picture says a lot more than words.

Your course’s image or logo should be the first image on your sales page. This is what will make it easy for people to remember your course and find it again later. Make sure the logo for your course is easy to see and read. You don’t want possible students to have to strain their eyes to read it.

The images that come next should be of you, the teacher. People want to know who they’ll be learning from, so don’t be afraid to show your face. Include a picture of your face and a few pictures of you teaching or doing something. Potential students will be more likely to trust and believe in you if you show them these pictures.

The call to action

One of the most important parts of your sales page for your online course is the call to action. It tells your possible students what they should do next.

Your online course sales page won’t work as well if it doesn’t have a strong call to action. So how can you make sure that your call to action is as strong as it can be?

Here are some tips:

  1. Use active language

Use active language in your call to action to tell the reader exactly what you want them to do. “Sign up now,” “Buy this course,” or “Start today” are all examples.

  1. Be specific

Say more than “click here.” Tell the reader exactly where they need to go and what they need to do when they get there. “Click here to sign up for my free mini-course,” for example.

  1. Use a link or button

Use a button or link that goes straight to the page where people can sign up for your course to make it easy for people to act. Don’t make them dig around on your website to find it.

  1. Stand out from the rest

Make sure that your call to action stands out.

The social proof

One of the best things you can do to increase sales of your online course is to add social proof to your sales page. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that happens when people are more likely to do something because other people have already done it. In other words, we are more likely to do something if we see other people doing it.

There are a few different ways you can add social proof to the sales page for your online course:

  1. The most obvious way is to include testimonials from former students or customers. These can be written reviews, video reviews, or even just pictures with quotes from happy customers.

2. Another way to show that your course is popular is to include statistics about how many students or customers you have. This could be in the form of a progress bar that shows how close you are to your next goal (for example, 100 students enrolled), or it could just be a list of how many students or customers you have in total.

  1. You can also show social proof by showing press mentions or positive reviews from well-known publications or influential people in your industry.


If you want to make a sales page for an online course that works, these key tips are a great place to start. You can set up your page for success in a number of ways, such as by making sure it looks good and by writing in a persuasive way.

Of course, you should always test and change your page to make sure it works as well as possible. But if you remember these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making a good sales page for an online course.

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