How to Combat Appetite Loss

There can be many causes of appetite loss, like medical conditions, depression, psychological issues, and medication side effects. If appetite loss is left untreated, those experiencing it may be at risk of weight loss and malnutrition. However, eating when you’re not feeling hungry can be challenging. With the approval of your healthcare provider, you might experience success by taking these approaches:

Consuming Delta-8 THC Products

While you might already consume Delta-8 edibles to feel relaxed or sleep better, you might also consider trying them to regain your appetite. Some studies have found that low doses of Delta-8 THC can increase food consumption.

This can often be the outcome when the Delta-8 THC activates the CB1 receptors in the brain’s hypothalamus region. When these are activated, hunger-inducing hormones may be released. As a result, Delta-8 THC has the potential to be a therapeutic agent in the treatment of weight disorders.

Enjoy Small Meals

Sometimes, it’s large meals, rather than food in general, that can be off-putting when you have no appetite. You might not feel like eating a large breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, you might be able to combat that appetite loss by consuming small meals and snacks instead. Multiple light meals and snacks can be more achievable than fewer large ones.

Set a Food Schedule

When you’re so busy with everyday activities, skipping meals and snacks is easy. Without an appetite, your body also isn’t telling you to stop, take a break, and have something to eat. Knowing how important food is for your overall health, consider setting a food schedule. Set a timer on your phone or computer that reminds you to eat something. Such a schedule might help your body get all the critical vitamins and minerals it needs for essential bodily functions.

Take Anti-Nausea Medication

If nausea is the primary reason for not wanting to eat, consider taking anti-nausea medication. You might be more inclined to enjoy food when you don’t feel unwell. You might even explore CBD products, knowing they can often be helpful for treating nausea.

Buy Your Favorite Food

When nothing in your pantry or fridge grabs your attention, appetite loss can often be even more challenging to manage. You may not force yourself to eat when you don’t have your favorite snacks or meals available.

The next time you go grocery shopping, write a list of the foods you enjoy and could see yourself working hard to eat. Fresh fruit, crackers, and muesli bars may be a few of the many food products worth purchasing to kickstart your appetite.

Enhance Mealtimes

You may be more inclined to enjoy food and give your body what it needs if the environment you’re eating in is set up for your comfort and pleasure. For example, you might arrange your favorite snacks on a plate in front of a movie. Alternatively, you might buy something delicious from your favorite café when out with a friend.

Combating appetite loss can be challenging, especially when it relates to an illness or medication side effect. Try some of these tips above with the approval of your doctor. Otherwise, seek professional medical help to see what else your doctor can recommend.


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