How To Choose The Right Vase For Flowers

If you like flowers, floral vases are essential.There will be many styles either putting the same flowers in different containers, or the same container filling with different flowers, every slight change can create beautiful scenery with different styles.The following is the introduction of nine common floral vessels and materials:   Length and shape of the flowers Determine the height of the vase according to the flower length. This process requires us to do a simple calculation:The longest flower /1.5 = the height of the vaseIn other words, the height of the vase is two-thirds of the flower.You can use the above formula to pick a vase with a suitable height for a small amount of flowers. But if it is a flower with a large open flower , and you have got quite a few flowers like that, it is recommended to use an open/straight shorter vase.You can also choose vases based on different varieties of flowers 【rose】There are many vases to choose from for roses.Place them in transparent glass vases with staggered placement.

【tulip】A short cylindrical, tall cylindrical or tall square vase will make them look special.Same as rose, tulips are ideal for vintage style vases. Tulips can often be found in oil paintings. With a classic vase, That’s how aristocratic temperament comes out. Sunflowers have long stems, any tall vaseswill be a perfect home for them. The short vases will makek it looks top-heavyNatural sunflower is a perfect match with the rustic vaseThe wide-mouth mason bottle is also a very practical choice.  A caring person will always pays attentions on a suitable vase when sending flowers.

Different flowers or different styles of arrangements should have perfect vases for them.

Sending different flowers on different occasions.I personally think that the flower is the main course, and the bottle should not be overwhelming. Simplicity is always better.From my own experience, the most practical are two kinds of bottles: white porcelain bottles and clear glass bottles. The shape of the vase should be simple, not too high, and the bottle opening cannot be too small or too large.

1. Cylindrical VasesCylindrical vases are mostly tall, and many people think that they are not good for matching flowers. In fact, cylindrical vases are very easy to use.First of all, flowers with longer and harder stems are prefered.Peel off the unwanted leaves, cut all the flowers to a similar height, place the longest flower in the center and continuously insert other flowers around it.  Make sure to cover the gaps.

Recommended flowers: lily, rose, violet, gladiolus, calla lily, asparagus, winter plum, etc.

2. Trumpet Vase Arranging flowers in a flared vase requires certain skills, because its shape is too special and is not conducive to the overall structure of the bouquet, and it is suitable for flowers with medium size flowers.First remove the excess leaves and trim the flowers to a similar length. Start with a pair of leaves and the main flowers, and then arrange the flowers from each angle, so that the bottom of all the bouquets are pyramid-shaped, and pay attention to the color matching of different angles. Finally, tie the bouquet with a string and insert it into the vase. Download best games and application from apkpure Even you can download any movies subtitle which you downloaded from pirated website. So at that moment you have to follow subscene to download any movies subtitle.

Recommended flowers: rose, eucalyptus, gerbera, dahlia, peony, spring taro, maidenhair fern, etc.

3. Cone VaseConical vases are more suitable for flowers like lilacs with short stems and full flower heads, which can easily fill the vase.When arranging flowers, pay attention to forming a sharp corner at the bottom of the flower stem, and decorate the vase with some ivy or other leaves.

Recommended flowers: lilac, canna, ivy, etc.;

3. Regular VaseIt’s the most common one to be seen everywhere. But things that seem simpler are often more complicated. Compared with cone vases, this kind of vase requires more skill in flower arrangement.You can first trim the flowers to a similar height to make a bouquet without tying the stems, so that it can absorb more water, and then put the bouquet into the bottle.

Recommended flowers: cattleya, roses, carnations, gladiolus, strelitzia tulips, peony, etc.;

5. Carved flowerThe carved vases are more layered and splendid, with retro elegance in their elegance. So when arranging flowers, you can choose more formal flowers, such as a large bunch of pure roses. When arranging flowers, you can tie the bouquet with ribbons, and finally hide the ribbons in the bouquets. A retro flower arrangement is completed, simple and practical.

Recommended flower materials: rose,  dahlia, etc.;

6. Square flowerThe square vase has its own playful properties, which is very suitable for hydrangea which has a large and dense spherical flower head, and can form a sharp contrast with the square vase. Cut the flower stems and the flowers can be placed in the vase. Don’t throw away the trimmed leaves. Put them around the vase to make the whole work look fuller and no longer single.

Recommended flowers: Hydrangea, sunflower, Dutch green onion, peony, sunflower, etc.;

7. Pot-shaped flowerThe pot-shaped vase looks more casual and simple. Ceramic pot-shaped vases are easier to arrange flowers, because you can’t see the flower stems, but only the flower heads.

Exquisite glass bottles are even more difficult. In order to maintain the casual style of the vase, you can choose loose pea flowers, cauliflower and other flowers. When arranging flowers, you can put the flowers in the same direction to make the work look more elegant.

8. High round This vase go well with almost any flowers, you can create beautiful works easily with this vase. The best match is of course the linear flowers such as lilies, delphiniums, gladiolus, etc. Simply trim the flowers. The height of the stem should be the same as the height of the vase. Just insert it into the vase, which is very simple and practical.

Recommended flower : linear flower material. Gladiolus, delphinium, lily, snake chrysanthemum, violet, snapdragon, silver bud willow, red dogwood, sunflower, eucalyptus leaf, dancing orchid, etc.

9. Mini Vase Mini vases can also be replaced with jam jars and water cups at home. Because of the small space, creating a loose and uneven atmosphere is especially important. Such exquisite mini vases usually appear in multiples at the same time, placed on the dining table or other locations, which make It more beautiful than a single vase. There are also many flowers to choose from, just keep a lot of stems and complete flowers. Note that you can use a variety of flowers and leaves to create a sense of layers.

Recommended flowers: roses, daisies, eucalyptus leaves, gypsophila, etc.;

In addition to the shapes and styles, the matching of flower is also related to the material and color of the vaseThe glass vase is clean and translucent, and it is the most error-prone versatile modelCeramic vases are literary and simple, suitable for elegant bouquetsThe lignified bottle gives a sense of calm and stable, suitable for slender flowers such as winter plum.Matching a beautiful bouquet with a suitable vase will double the beauty.

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