How To Choose The Right Outsourcing Partner For Your Customer Support Needs

You’ve decided to outsource customer support and start reaping the benefits. Now it’s time to find the right partner, but where do you start? In this post,, a Support-as-a-Service company that provides secure technical and customer support to tech companies and startups, shares some winning tips.

Perform Diligent Research

Step one is to prepare to spend time in the research phase. Every company puts its best foot forward online and while trying to sign you up, so you need to dig deeper.

Check the Firm’s Track Record and Reputation

Performing independent research is critical at this stage. Don’t rely on what you see on the company’s website, but look at reviews on third-party sites as well. Also, consider how old the company is and how they’ve built its business over time.

IfYou should do more due diligence if you deal with particularly sensitive client information, like in the financial services industry, you should do more due diligence. For example, you can order a risk assessment analysis on the firm and consider penetration testing their systems.

While these measures may seem excessive, they may prove crucial in protecting your firm from a security breach further along. The cost is high for the checks, but a breach damages your company’s reputation and is far more expensive.

Availability and Responsiveness

How the firm treats you while trying to secure your business is the first indication of how it will treat your clients. Bearing in mind that they will be on their best behavior now, consider how timely and detailed their responses are now.

Also, determine what level of support they will provide moving forward. Will they be able to offer 24/7 support? What kind of service level agreements will they adhere to?

Experience in Your Industry

Customer support may differ depending on the industry you are in. For example, an aviation company building jet planes has a very different target market to a cupcake business. If you require a higher level of technical support, find a company with experience in this aspect.


You’re hiring the company to supplement skills that you don’t currently possess. You need to ensure that the consultants will have the requisite skills. For example, do you require consultants who can speak more than one language?

Communication and Reporting

How will you monitor the company’s progress? What do you consider a measure of success? Will the company allow you to listen in with live calls, or play recordings at will? What reports will you be able to access?

Be wary of companies who will not provide regular reports or allow you to listen in. With modern technology, these safeguards are easy to implement.

Security and Compliance

Ensure that the partner you select will remain compliant with industry standards and regulations in both your home country and theirs. Learn more about how they will protect your data and how they vet consultants to ensure that your business is in the right hands.


Cost is something that you must consider carefully, but it’s not the most important factor. Choosing the cheapest service may prove costly because they may not offer the level of service you require.

It is possible to find a good balance between price and service quality if you consider the other factors on our list first.


When it comes to these factors, it’s worthwhile to take the time to perform diligent research. By weeding out inappropriate candidates upfront, you improve your chances of finding the best partner for your business.

The effort proves worthwhile as the right match enhances your company’s reputation, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

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