How To Choose The Right E-commerce Platform?

With several E-commerce platforms jumping in the market competing with the well-established ones like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc., it has posed a challenge for the merchants willing to try their foot in the E-commerce industry. Despite being a well-established fact that an Ecommerce website in UAE or anywhere in the world escalates your business and revenues multiple-folds, developing an online store continues to be one of the significant hurdles in the process of attaining the peaks. Here is a glimpse of the insights of finding the right E-commerce platform suiting your needs and meeting your expectations.

What to search for in an E-commerce platform? 

Since you are reading this article, you are already excited to discover ways to get the right E-commerce platform for your online business. With budget being one of the significant considerations while choosing, several other factors make your time investment worthwhile in this process. Also, reaching the top of the Search Engines and growing your business is excellent, isn’t it? While infinite options for E-commerce platforms are available to choose from, you can quickly narrow down your extensive list by considering essential features:

Shop Setup:

Well, one of the crucial aspects of building an E-commerce website is setting it up. Your chosen E-commerce platform must aid you with easy steps and setup options to get you started with the shop, whether in the form of templates, ready-made themes, initial coding, or whatnot! Always opt for a platform that helps you set up or understand the entire process of setup easily.

Navigation and Security:

Both navigation and security are what can make you or break you. With a not easily navigable site, customers will be lost in a pool of information, and there will be no rescue but to exit your website. It is definitely what you look for! Your customers must have easy transitions through your websites, be it through your product pages, placing an order, building a wishlist, or any other aspect. Always remember that unless your customers find it easy to place an order, your website will not work magic. Choose a platform that helps your store be convenient to use for your customers. 

Coming to security, your payment process, apart from your data, must be cent percent verified. You would not process any of your transactions to an unsecured pathway, then why should your customers? You must eye offers that get you top-notch security and privacy warranty. Go for one that bears HTTPS/SSL for a trustworthy and reliable checkout.


With a plethora of essential integrations desired by customers on an E-commerce website, including social media and other platforms, you must be sure that these don’t hinder the functionality of your website. Too many integration requirements by the platform can lead to a slower website, buffered functions, and irritated customers. 


When you set up an online Ecommerce store, your primary aim is to attract potential audiences and convert them into potential and reliable customers. The businesses that can sell to people who are not even looking for their products usually win the race and establish themselves in the market. For this to happen, SEO is an important aspect. When your customers look for a product, your website’s ranking on the SERPs will invite excellent traffic, which you can never imagine. Get an E-commerce platform that enhances the SEO-friendliness of your website, somewhere you can use your own domain name, collect reviews, run offers, etc.


Mobile shopping is the latest trend when it comes to online shops and selling your products. Most of the population is always online on the go. They like everything that reaches them at the convenience of the device they hold every day. With E-commerce apps increasing every day, whether on Android stores or iOS stores, it is vital that even if you don’t get an application, you need to get a fully functional website on mobile devices and is equally easy to use. 


Your E-commerce store is in the market of making money; hence, it’s essential to observe your store’s achievements. Find a platform that assists you in maintaining track of all critical things—sales, payment systems, order quantities, etc. It should also be capable of displaying statistics in an easily understandable format. Being in business, you don’t want to land on losses just because of guessing agendas.

Tech support:

Being a businessperson, it can get challenging to get hold of several technologies required to build your E-commerce platform smoothly. If the words HTML, JavaScript, and CSS sound familiar to you, it may be easy for you to go about these technicalities. Your online shop will be entirely digital; it gives real live people who can clarify your problems. 

Customer payment choices:

Your customers must get reliable and most used choices to feel comfortable processing payments for your online payments; some common platforms you may wish to include are PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. Ensure to recognize the forms of payment you’re prepared to accept when seeking an E-commerce platform. 


There is much confusion about the budget-friendliness of the platforms. This dilemma exists because different factors decide the overall pricing charged by the platforms. You may have to pay extra for different integrations, APIs, or other extensions in functionalities with some. Consider these factors before planning or finalizing any one platform.


An E-commerce solution is an advanced investment for your company. While you may exempt the possibility of underpaying and compromising, you also would not like to overpay for a platform. While you may plan to do it all on your own, you may also consider seeking the help of an Ecommerce development company in Dubai. Do your investigation and consider the pros and cons of each platform. Some insightful questions to raise while making this choice would be: Will you pay a monthly charge? Are there extra charges for purchases, apps, and integrations? Choose a platform that offers the most beneficial characteristics that will serve your business, and go for the one perfect choice that suits your requirements the best.

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