How To Choose The Perfect Surgical Scrub Cap: Types, Styles, And Tips

Medical personnel have worn surgical hats and caps in operating rooms for years. These are also known as scrub hats. Caps are worn during surgical procedures to conceal and control hair. Nurses, doctors, and surgeons wear scrub caps. In some cases, they’re even required.

Most medical professionals choose the most basic scrubs. Instead of focusing on the design, they prioritize functionality. Scrubs come in many styles that can be adapted to any hairstyle, job, or environment. How can you choose the perfect scrub cap to match your outfit? What are the most important details and why? What nursing cap is best for you?

Check out the scrub caps to find the right one for you.

1. Modern Fit Super Tie Scrub caps

The original Green Scrubs cap has been produced in the US with pride since 1995. This is the ideal scrub hat for anyone who values utility. It is also unisex and works for both short and medium hair. It has a double-layer adjustable, foldable brim. The shape of the hat frames your face beautifully, reduces hair and skin shedding, and offers great protection.

2. Tieback Scrub Caps

The tie-back cap has replaced the traditional super tie cap. The flat crown ensures anatomical comfort and a better fit. The lightweight design, long, thin ties, and streamlined body make it a comfortable hat for prolonged use. The tie-back scrub cap has a double layer of fabric that absorbs sweat on the forehead. This keeps you dry and comfortable during long shifts.

3. Bouffant Scrub Caps

The bouffant and tie-buffant scrub caps for men are perfect for short or medium hair. The hats have a full elastic pre-gathered back crescent, which makes them easy to wear and remove. The scrub hat has no central seam, so the hair stays in place comfortably. The bouffant shape reduces shedding and offers patients great protection. The double-layer fabric absorbs sweat.

4. Tie Bonnet Scrub caps

Do you have a long hair? If so, the scrub hat you need is a tie bonnet by Green Scrubs! You can adjust the tie bonnet scrub cap to your liking. You can smoothen it, puff it up, or tie it in various ways. The design curves perfectly to your forehead and does not leave any gaps. This provides your patients with excellent protection. 

5. Scrub Cap With Buttons

This stylish scrub hat will suit anyone with shorter hair. It is made from a high-grade stretchable material, with an elastic headband to absorb sweat. The anatomical fit and a slight angle backward make it more comfortable. The Maevn Hat is made up of 55% cotton and 42% rayon.

How to choose the best Surgical Scrub Caps for you?

There are many different options available on the market. It cannot be very clear to choose the right surgical cap. Choosing the right size for your hair is important, as most surgical caps come in different sizes. Otherwise, they may not fit properly and cause discomfort during surgery. For example, a tight-fitting surgical cap will be too tight to keep your hair in place if you have long hair.

If you have thin or short hair, a pixie surgical cap may be the right choice. A pony surgical hat is a good option if you can pull your hair back in a ponytail or bun. A bouffant surgical cap is a great choice if you have dense, voluminous hair and shorter hair. A disposal is the right choice if you do not need to wear a surgical cap often or work in an infectious and sensitive environment.

The surgical caps come in different colors. You can choose from different solid colors based on what you prefer. There are also other options for prints, such as floral, cartoons, polka dots, abstracts, etc. You can choose a whimsical hat, such as a cat ear or shark fin.

Choose Scrub Caps for Nurses: 3 Tips

Scrub caps for women are essential medical accessories for nurses. Scrub caps are essential for nurses to keep their hair covered and the workplace contamination-free.

You want to be comfortable while working as a nursing assistant. It is, therefore, important to know the right scrub cap for you. Here are three tips to help you decide when choosing scrub caps.

1. Types of scrub caps

Scrub caps are available in four different types. These scrub caps are available in a one-size-fits-all size but can be customized to fit various hairstyles. 

Ponytail Scrub Cap

Ponytail scrub cap designs are available with either a pouch or an opening on the back. These caps are designed for those with long hair, which can be tied back or pulled into a ponytail. You can tuck in your hair into the pouch of the scrub cap for added hair protection.

Bouffant Scrub Hat

The bouffant scrub hat resembles a large shower cap. This is the perfect choice for those with long or thick hair, as there is enough space to keep hair in place and secure every strand.

Pixie Scrub Cap

Unlike the other two caps above, the Pixie scrub cap is designed for nurses with short hair. These caps are designed for those with a short pixie cut.

The pixie scrub cap is also suitable for nurses with thin, short hair.

Disposable Scrub Hat

The majority of scrub caps worn by nurses can be reused. This is not an option for nurses who work in environments with high infection levels. They must wear a new scrub cap each time they enter the environment to avoid spreading infections. The disposable scrub hats work well for this since they can be thrown away after each use.

2. Fabric of the scrub Cap

Your choice of fabric for your scrub cap depends on many factors, such as your work environment and needs. Scrub caps for nurses are made from three different types of material. These include cotton, polyester rayon, and spandex.

Cotton is breathable, lightweight, durable, and fluffy. It is ideal for humid areas.

Polyester is wrinkle-free, breathable, and moisture-wicking, making it an ideal choice for hot, dry weather.

Rayon fabric is lightweight, breathable, and ideal for hot climates.

The main material used to make scrub hats is spandex, which can be stretched and blended with other materials.

The majority of scrub caps are made from a blend of fabrics. Most commonly, polyester and cotton blends are used.

3. Color and Design

Scrub caps are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Depending on where you work, you can choose between solid colors, patterns, and prints such as flowers, abstracts, and polka dots.

Your scrub cap can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. To solid-colored scrubs, nurses can add embroidery or graphics.

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