How to Choose the Best Solar Water Heater

Sun oriented power is energy from the sun that is changed over into thermal or electrical energy. Sun powered energy is the cleanest and most plentiful environmentally friendly power source.

This article focuses on water heater.  The sun’s nuclear power warms the liquid in the solar hot water Mandurah collectors. Which goes through a heat exchanger in the capacity tank, moving the hotness to the water.

Following the fact that this heater outweighs other forms of energy, it is at a very high demand since it uses approximately 80% of the sun’s radiation to obtain hot water at home. This brings about its cheapness and easy maintenance.

Below are some of the factors that one should consider to get the best one.

The water pressure system

There are two types of solar warmers i.e. the pressurized and the non-pressurized.It is advisable to purchase high pressure heater since it doesn’t need to be anunsightly water tank on the roof and besides it has high pressure. They can sometimes be fitted to use existing storage tank.

There isn’t anything as irritating as attempting to scrub down and solar hot water Mandurah the heated water just continues trickling as opposed to having a strong consistentstream. This leaves high pressurized heater the best over non-pressurized.

The service life

While thinking about a warmer to buy, one ought to consider the service life of this item which will help him/her buy an enduring and strong item. The warmer typically has 15 years life length and a long term guarantee of 5 years. The client should have the option to match both quality and the cost. The purchasers should go for a lasting item and should check the warranty before purchasing the item.

Long lasting warmer is the best since it serves one for a long time.

The water source

One must know the source of water he/she is going to heat. Having the option to decide whether the water source is soft or hard is fundamental while picking the best solar water heater to be introduced. This is on the grounds that soft and hard water have different mineral limits and subsequently each utilizing an alternate warming framework, that is; the direct framework and the indirect system.

Direct means of warming is generally utilized for the best Solar water sources where the water is warmed straight by the sun powered warmer authority. Indirect framework, where water is warmed indirectly is suggested for hard water sources due to the mineral limit in the water.

Type of tank

When choosing a heater, the type of tank used should be considered in that it can withstand the heat and most important keep the heat. The best tanks should be thick and be able to retain heat for 60-75 hours.

Being that hard water causes corrosion, the tanks should be coated with enamel that will prevent corrosion. Not forgetting, the tank ought to be made by 5mm thick cast iron which is suitable in heating and hence formation of hot water.

Temperature regulation

Sunlight based water radiators ought to have an inbuilt thermostatic ability to control temperature to a specific limit ordinarily 60-75 deg-Celsius for homegrown applications as this tries not to burn impacts (torment and harm to the skin from damp hotness or fumes.) The burn is viewed as perilous as it obliterates impacted tissues and cells making the body go in shock from the hotness.


After reading this article, you ought to have a vastly improved thought of how to pick your sunlight based water warming framework. Assuming that you are like most, you will pick among the most famous sun oriented water warming frameworks, which are the dynamic backhanded but now you get to know how to identify the best.

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