How to Choose the Best Hydraulic Press Machine in Kenya

Metal fabrication and industrial growth are among the fast-growing economies in Kenya and Africa at large. It is for such reason that the hydraulic Press Machine has been invented to support in forging and production of intricate shapes and designs required by clients. However, before purchasing the machine, one has to first research the best hydraulic Press Machine suitable for his job, and such considerations are unveiled in this article.

A hydraulic press machine is equipment that generates comprehensive force through the use of a hydraulic cylinder. Unlike the mechanical press which has a mechanical lever, it uses a hydraulic lever. It is mostly used in forging, deep drawing, blanking, molding, clinching, metal forming, and punching. The machine works by applying a small force on the plunger, which later pushes the fluid downwards.

Below are some of the factors a client should put into consideration before purchasing a hydraulic press machine.

What are your needs?

Before locating the price of a hydraulic press machine, you must first assess the functions which the press will do on your business or company. Listing all the tasks that you would want the machine to perform gives you a standing point to choose the abilities of the hydraulic press you would want to use in your business.

The tonnage

After assessing the functions that the press machine can perform, you should also know how much tonnage the machine requires. For example, the tonnage required to punch the material varies depending on these three factors. The thickness of the material, the shear strength of the material, and the perimeter of the punch.

Press type

After analyzing the uses and tonnage of the hydraulic press machine you need, then begin to look out for the press that suits your work. There are many types of press but the most common ones are; the C-frame presses and the H-frame presses, and are commonly used in the metal fabrication industry due to their versatility.


The amount of money required to purchase a given product in the business is a key factor. The hydraulic press machine price in Kenya is somehow high, ranging from Seventy-five thousand Kenyan shillings and above. This calls for a client desiring to have the press to at least raise that amount and above.

Tooling and accessories

Vast numbers of modern hydraulic presses appear standardized with numerous features like automatic cycling, light curtains, dwell timers, and more. Still, some hydraulic press machines come furnished with a broad category of additional features and controls that greatly improve the usability and productivity of the machine.

Advantages of a hydraulic press machine

  • It is safe and effective
  • Built-in overload protection
  • It is compact
  • It is silent during operation
  • Lower initial operating cost
  • Has got great versatility
  • Offers a full power stock
  • Lower tool cost due to inbuilt overload protection.


A hydraulic press machine makes the work of fabrication an enjoyable venture but to purchase a better machine that would work for long and accurately, you need to consider the above factors.

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