After deciding to grow your own cannabis, you probably have a couple of favorite strains in mind. But how do you determine the most suitable one? Selecting an ideal marijuana strain for cultivation might be challenging, but it is exciting if you know the things you need to consider.

Some cannabis seed strains have won the legendary cannabis cup award, which is the ultimate prize most breeders go after. Cannabis cup winners are chosen based on various factors such as effects, terpene profile, bag appeal, and uniqueness. Marijuana seeds that have won the cannabis cup award are truly legendary and ranked among the best. Here are the things you need to consider before you select a specific cannabis strain cup winner.

Growing speed and yield

The growing speed of Marijuana and its yield are directly related. Keep in mind that the shorter the period it takes for the cannabis plant to flower, the fewer flowers it will provide. Cannabis Ruderalis strains flower quickly and have a short maturation period compared to other photoperiod strains. Although auto-flowering seeds bloom at around eight weeks after germinating, they can produce maximum harvests under the right conditions.

Cannabis Indica dominant strains flower in the seventh to twelfth week and produce better yields. These can produce around 1kg of buds per plant but might take time to mature. Cannabis Sativa strains are the elephant in the room and deliver the most yields possible under ideal conditions, although they take their time to do so. But if you choose a fast-growing strain, you can multiply your harvests by growing more plants in proximity and cultivating all around the year.

Aroma and taste

It is easy to identify the smell of Marijuana which results from the terpenes present in the weed. The level of terpenes differs from one cannabis strain to the other. While some strains have a fruity taste, others have a more earthy, fuel like or grassy aroma.

If you are a newbie, it can be hard to determine a strain profile without first cultivating it. Luckily, cannabis seed banks provide a profile of the seed scent and aroma during the sale. Some seeds bags even detail the specific level of terpenes in the strain. Although the best way to identify the best strain is to try it, you can Buy Weed Online rely on a trustworthy cannabis seed supplier for advice.

Grow difficulty

Sometimes the best cannabis strains are not the easiest to grow. When choosing a cannabis strain for cultivation, consider how easy or challenging it is to cultivate it. Determine if the strain matches your growing skills or you need to scale down to an easier one. If you are a beginner, auto-flowering cannabis strains are easier to grow, less demand, and more resilient to harsh environmental conditions.

Uniqueness and personal preference

You may find that a cannabis strain considered all time high is not your personal preference. Since it is you who is cultivating the Marijuana, pick a strain you actually like. Keep in mind that if you are not a fan of the cannabis strain you have harvested, you probably have wasted your time and resources.

The final words

Growing cannabis is an investment of your time, money, and other resources so picking the right strain is of utmost importance.

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