How to Choose Email Tracking Extension for Gmail?

Newcomers in business rarely consider that being able to observe how recipients of emails respond to them provides useful information. This data is used to evaluate an advertising campaign and gives you the opportunity to spot your own mistakes. Unlike standard marketing tools with a free email tracker for gmail, email monitoring for optimal business decisions takes less time and requires little investment. In real time, marketers and sales professionals can find out:

  • when the letter was opened;
  • the time at which the mail is most often viewed;
  • click-through rate.

It’s worth expanding the potential of your email to make it more competitive. The market offers many optimised solutions, and understanding the benefits can help you find the best tracker extension for Chrome.

Advantages of Using the free email tracker for gmail in Business

When you consider all the technical features of email tracking extensions, there are three main benefits to implementing them:

  • the ability to improve the material you are sending. With a tracking tool, experts can find out how much time a customer or potential customer spends looking at an email. If recipients don’t spend enough time looking at the information, you can change the format and make the email more aesthetically pleasing;
  • determining the best time to launch the newsletter. With the tracker extension for Chrome, you no longer have to guess when emails are being viewed. The software provides accurate data on when the email is opened;
  • Instant notification when an email has been opened. The data, which is transmitted in real time, allows you to see how quickly a user sends a reply. If no reply is received within a certain period, a reminder can be sent again, knowing that the recipient has accurately opened the email.

These are the main advantages of trackers that you can use to your advantage for any business.

How the free email tracker for gmail Works

The principle of tracking software is quite simple. When a newsletter is sent, a pixelated picture is attached to each email, which the recipient is guaranteed not to see. When the email is opened to be read, the image contacts the server to download it, so the exact time can be recorded. It is instantly transmitted to the sender.

An email marketing campaign may seem like it adds nothing to a business, but in fact virtual marketing has an average ROI rate of 4300%. The tool shows maximum effectiveness when dealing with new customers. The tracker extension for Chrome data will be useful for optimising mailing frequency and making strategic decisions about expanding the sales funnel.

How to Choose tracker extension for Chrome

Cold letters can become an effective part of business processes if you plug in a tool that best suits the requirements of a particular company. When selecting an extension, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of the software:

  • a toolbar with an intuitive layout of elements. The extension interface should be user-friendly, include all possible control levers and form a holistic view of the tracker’s potential;
  • set of options. Email tracking software comes with a variety of features, but not all of them may be useful in a particular case. It is important to understand which options are necessary and which you can easily do without;
  • a financial issue. Using an extension involves paying for it. Determining a budget for implementing a tracker helps you stay within your financial limits and find a tool that has the right functionality. Many providers give access to trial versions so that experts can evaluate the product before purchase;
  • technical support. The availability of a customer support team will be an added benefit, as will the introduction of an informative help desk with answers to popular questions.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to increase your email response rate. There is plenty of affordable software on the market that performs well in action.

Pandadoc — the Best Tools for Your Business

Trackable emails are a reality for businesses looking to improve efficiency. Using a tracker from Pandadoc benefits more than just building communication with potential customers. The handy tracker extension for Chrome helps increase productivity in the team itself, making the relationship between boss and subordinates as constructive as possible. The universal email tracking tool, like the company’s other software products, improves business processes, and that benefits the whole world.

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